How to Enable Valid SSL in localhost for XAMPP? Windows

Here we are going to discuss the step-by-step procedure to create and enable SSL cert locally to be used in XAMPP in Windows. First, we need to install XAMPP Package in the System. To download the package please visit the link here Setup Select language Follow the instructions and give Next it will start... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to change the hostname In DirectAdmin panel? DirectAdmin

How to Change Your Hostname (DirectAdmin Control Panel), A local network’s hostname distinguishes devices. A computer’s hostname additionally enables others to find it, facilitating data transfer within a network. The hostname is used by many networking applications, such as Send-mail and Apache servers, to identify the system. The right hostname should be set as a... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to disable Strict Mode in MySQL? MySQL

There are 2 steps we can follow to turn off MySQL Strict Mode. These 2 methods work in most versions of MySQL and MariaDB. Disable strict Mode with my.cnf / my.ini This method disables it by changing the SQL_MODE value to a my.cnf (Linux) file OR my.ini (Windows server) file and restart the MySQL server.... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Enable Cloudflare Auto Minify for WordPress Site Cloudflare

What is Cloudflare Auto Minify? The Cloudflare service, which we use for websites, includes a variety of features and options that can help make our site more secure and faster. With speed being such an important factor in the website visitor’s experience, it’s necessary to find strategies to improve loading times. This is where code... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Connect MySQL Workbench to MYSQL RDS DB instance using an SSH tunnel? AWS

To connect the EC2 instance and Connect MySQL Workbench RDS DB instance, we must first configure the security group inbound rules, network ACLs, and route tables. In addition, we must verify that the EC2 instance can connect to the internet from the local PC using its public IP address. First, we have to launch the... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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