A state-of-the-art web portal has become an absolute necessity for every business to succeed irrespective of their size, industry, business volume, product type etc., Velan’s web portal experts integrate information from various sources into a single web-based application, consolidating several technologies and applications, promoting convenience and efficiency. Velan offers a comprehensive web portal solution incorporating a wide range of services including

  • Web Portal Design
  • Content Management
  • Market-Driven Authoring
  • Web Portal Development
  • Site Optimization
  • Analytics and More

Velan understands that the needs and wants of web portal development varies from client to client and hence carefully analyzes the requirements of the business and offers customized web portal solutions.


Enterprise Portal Services

With a majority of the twenty-first century employees used to social media platforms, they demand a similar collaborative, integrative and interactive experience from their employers. Velan’s enterprise portal solutions play a crucial role in driving better collaboration and information management by delivering synchronization among the data, customer, employee, and application, thereby improving efficiency. Careful dissemination of information, decentralization of content and seamless integration of various departments are the pillars on which Velan’s experts build its portal solutions, resulting in enhanced productivity. Velan’s enterprise portal experts specialize in delivering a broad spectrum of enterprise portal solutions like

  • Document management tools
  • Employee self-service tools
  • Information portals
  • Application portals and many more.

Velan’s enterprise portal experts labor closely with clients to build safe portal solutions that can manage their digital assets, merge large teams, empower communication, streamline financial operations and optimize costs.

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