How to disable Strict Mode in MySQL? MySQL

There are 2 steps we can follow to turn off MySQL Strict Mode. These 2 methods work in most versions of MySQL and MariaDB. Disable strict Mode with my.cnf / my.ini This method disables it by changing the SQL_MODE value to a my.cnf (Linux) file OR my.ini (Windows server) file and restart the MySQL server.... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to upgrade MySQL 5.5 to 5.6/5.7 or MariaDB 5.5 to 10.X on Linux Plesk? Database

Several parameters have defaults that differ from the previous versions and the mail reason for these changes to provide better out-of-box performance and to eliminate the need for the database administrator to change settings manually. Upgrades also give you access to new enhancements made in the newer versions. Following are the instructions for upgrading MySQL... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Fix Crashed MySQL 8.0 and Won’t Start Up in Ubuntu Linux? Database

MySQL is an open source RDBMS that supports all platforms like Unix, Windows and Linux. MySQL is mostly associated with web apps and online publishing. MySQL can be used to a wide range of applications as the working model is a client-based server. There would be situations where the MySQL database server would crash and... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How To Copy MongoDB Database Files To Another Server? Database

Mongo databases support volume of data and it comes handy in apps that need to scale up as per usage. Web Application developers frequently requests to copy the Mongo DB from one server to another. We at Velan, help the developers as part of our Server Management Services. Continue Reading Continue Reading


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