The one shared element among software businesses which has powered them to stay well ahead of their peers is the adoption and usage of DevOps. It explicitly affects and empowers the overall software development performance standards such as efficient usage of available resources, software development cycle duration, the outcome of software deployments and reversals, the rate of error detection and many more. Equipped with a band of certified DevOps experts, Velan has been a prolific DevOps service provider and we offer a complete list of DevOps services which collaborates and integrates the entire delivery pipeline. It also makes the software development more reliable by streamlining and automating the manual delivery processes, thereby drastically reducing the security issues compared to your competitors.

DevOps Service Offerings


DevOps Consulting

A complete DevOps implementation requires a thorough audit of the existing environment, structured groundwork, and counsel from specialists as its core elements. Velan’s DevOps consulting services empowers in all such crucial elements, enabling the software development process to achieve its desired objectives. Heightened agility, efficient labor, significant cut in delivery time, bolstered security are a few key gains which can be procured by the same. Based on solutions opted by businesses, Velan’s DevOps consultants offer custom-made DevOps architecture design and allocate resources to build desired solutions. Supplied with enhanced experience accumulated over the last decade by providing DevOps services to multiple clients, Velan provides a well-defined roadmap for collaboration and integration to cut risks and foster smooth transition.

Managed Build & Release

The role of release management in software development has been reconstructed by Continuous integration and Continuous delivery. A complete release management process packed with continuous integration and delivery is vital for any software organization to move ahead of its peers. Velan’s integration experts pride themselves with a professional standard organizational practice where developers merge code into a shared repository several times a day, which results in quicker error detection. The level of communication between multiple teams involved is also drastically improved so that any change in the software development is integrated all around, thereby saving precious time and resources. The logical extension of continuous integration is continuous delivery where Velan’s delivery experts use a development practice to automatically build, test and release code changes into production. Daily enforcement of progressive changes, allows continuous delivery to deploy updated software at once, at the push of a button. One of the major advantages of going through continuous integration and delivery is improvement in the reliability of the product, as the process involves addressing errors instantly, which also provides a major cut in the duration involved.


Continous Testing

One vital component, the absence of which could damage the entire DevOps implementation is continuous testing. A software development process, equipped with a rapid delivery cycle but deploying a product full of bugs is not very productive. Conventional testing processes will not survive the speed at which a DevOps process occurs, as development and deployment happens continuously without any time lapse. Thus, continuously testing the product to make sure that it is free of errors is crucial, thereby bridging the space between continuous development and continuous delivery. Velan’s testing experts make sure that the testing process is automated, continuous and in perfect sync with development, integration and delivery. Armed with Velan’s testing solutions, software organizations attain continuous delivery to production with zero tolerance towards errors and bugs. Velan’s testing team has complete expertise in a wide variety of testing tools which will empower efficient product delivery without the risk of low quality.

Infrastructure Automation

Velan’s certified automation experts employ few of the up-to-date and leading DevOps infrastructure automation and orchestration tools to automate the manual software development processes. By automating the error-prone manual tasks, a software development cycle attains greater reliability and improved efficiency. Velan’s automation process involves transforming your infrastructure and its configuration as a script or a group of scripts which are highly scalable and also high in performance as they are immune to errors. By getting rid of such manual processes, the cost for the resources employed in them can be reduced drastically. Complete DevOps infrastructure automation can also be utilized as a leverage to observe, analyze and track performance and to make sure that the desired objectives are met. Velan’s automation experts strive hard to build a platform on which even the risks associated with migrating the product’s current infrastructure to an automated environment is managed.



Velan’s software container experts excel in designing containers which are resource-isolated and virtualized operating systems. They work on bundling your project together with its configuration files, libraries and its dependencies thereby enabling it to run efficiently and error-free across different computing environments. The resource-independent nature of the containers make them more consistent as separate containers can be modified, released or destroyed without impacting other components of the product. This also makes the system more efficient as developing and scaling products by allowing each component to keep its own functionality is less time-consuming. New features, updates or integrations can be rapidly developed and tested without affecting the overall product experience of the user. Security of the product will also be enhanced as third-party applications can be allowed to connect to specific components of the application without compromising information from the company’s network.

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