In today’s multi-channel shopping environment, the adoption of digital commerce has become mandatory for enterprises to tap into the exponentially growing online marketplace. Velan’s digital commerce solutions, equipped with a unique mix of proficiency and resources, empower businesses all over the world to install premium digital commerce websites. By offering comprehensive solutions equipped with customer-centric intelligence, Velan’s digital commerce experts significantly improve customer interaction and transactions of online enterprises. With businesses and customers increasingly leaning towards digital services, Velan’s services help businesses transform their B2C and B2B landscape, allowing them to actively participate in the global market.

eCommerce Service Offerings



Velan’s digital commerce consultants work with enterprises to rapidly evaluate and analyze their existing digital architecture to further their capabilities and explore new possibilities. Equipped with relevant knowledge, Velan’s consultants design a clear business plan that explains the client’s requirements and objectives. Then the process involves matching the needs with the right skill, experience, scale, and enthusiasm, helping the enterprises to quickly adapt to the ever-changing customer demands, thereby creating a customized digital commerce product. Velan’s consultants make sure that the digital commerce product of the enterprise is scalable by streamlining inventory management, process integration and analytics ultimately resulting in optimum customer satisfaction.


Velan understands that a successful implementation of a digital commerce product involves strategic planning, technology selection, product audit, business analysis, and customer research. Armed with a high-quality plan from the consultants, Velan’s implementation specialists strive hard to implement a complete and customized platform that provides retailers with a lot of functionalities but with relative ease to use. The implementation process is vetted continuously for performance and challenges by experts to deliver faster, efficient services and better results. Turning the business plan into a viable product, Velan’s digital commerce experts provide enterprises with a rich shopping site fitted with a completely interactive and responsive website, attractive product displays and marketing strategies leveraging social networks.


Upgrade & Migration

Migrating and upgrading an existing digital commerce site to an advanced site requires high-quality expertise as the process is often prone to slowdowns, breakdowns and lost revenue. Utilizing the services of migration experts, Velan helps businesses migrate outdated sites to a better design, structure, and platform, thereby empowering them to boost their revenues. Velan adapts efficiently to client’s changed priorities and service offerings, by appending new features and upgrading existing features, resulting in a customized and latest website. Velan’s enterprise-level migration experts make sure that the entire migration process happens smoothly without glitches, expanding your business and customers.

Support & Maintenance

Technologies and goals of organization keep changing to meet the market demands. With our support and maintenance services, we proactively assess the existing ecommerce solutions, enhance features to meet the organizations’ goals, continuously monitor the performance of the delivered solutions and improve the solutions to maintain them at par with the industry recommended standards.


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