How to Connect MySQL Workbench to MYSQL RDS DB instance using an SSH tunnel? AWS

To connect the EC2 instance and Connect MySQL Workbench RDS DB instance, we must first configure the security group inbound rules, network ACLs, and route tables. In addition, we must verify that the EC2 instance can connect to the internet from the local PC using its public IP address. First, we have to launch the... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How can I use Amazon S3 bucket to synchronize files and folders from a local Linux server to? AWS

You need the following two details in order to communicate with S3. Credentials for an IAM user with read-write access to an S3 bucket. A client such as bash’s aws-cli, Python’s boto library, and so on. Once you have these details, you are ready to move your files. You can move them from your Linux... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How can I host numerous websites using IIS on a single EC2 Windows Server instance? AWS

Bindings You can host numerous websites in IIS on the same EC2 Windows Server instance, if you have multiple websites. In order to do this, IIS uses Bindings, which are a mix of the protocol type, IP address, port, and hostname to distinguish various websites. However, you must specify a hostname to avoid IP and... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How can I use IIS to host a website on an EC2 Windows instance? AWS

First, use RDP to connect to your EC2 Windows Server instance. Verify that the instance has all of the essential ports open, as well as that IIS is installed and configured. Log in to the EC2 console, select your instance, go to the Description page, and write down the Public IP address. Set up your... Continue Reading Continue Reading

What can be done to reverse the AWS EC2 hardware degradation? AWS

In the event of a hardware failure, Amazon EC2 marks the affected hardware as defective. As a result, instances running on the problematic hardware hypervisor are transferred to healthy hardware. During the changeover, Amazon EBS-backed instances will be decommissioned, whereas instance store-backed instances will be decommissioned. We are notified of the AWS EC2 Hardware Degradation... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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