How to start the failed ClamD Service in WHM/cPanel Server? cPanel / WHM

Most of the times, ClamD Service in WHM/cPanel Server fails to start and displays this error message.  Log of Initialization Error in LibClamAV: cli tgzload: Checksum for file daily is invalid. hsb LibClamAV Error: /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/share/clamav/daily cannot be loaded. Reason: Corrupt database This error indicates that the ClamAV virus definitions database file, daily.cld is corrupt and... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Resolve MySQL is not Running in cPanel? cPanel / WHM

MySQL stopped running due to improper shutdown or abrupt close of the query. To start the MySQL service, please use the following reasons and solutions. MySQL not start due to existing lock file # servicemysql status MySQL is not running, but lock file (/var/lock/subsys/mysql[FAILED] Above command will shows that the MYSQL is not running. We... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to find the total number of email accounts on a WHM/cPanel server? cPanel / WHM

As a server admin, there would be situations to find the total number email accounts on your WHM/cPanel server. The below steps helps you to find the total number of email accounts on the WHM/cPanel server Login to your server using the terminal (Shell mode- SSH) and download the following script        ... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Install WHM/cPanel on CentOS Linux Distros? cPanel / WHM

WHM/cPanel is a very popular and reliable control panel for web hosting services. The WHM/cPanel is rich with features and very powerful GUI to manage web hosting services. To Install WHM/cPanel on CentOS linux distros Step 1: The first step for the installation is to setup the hostname for the server. The following command sets... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to protect your cPanel/WHM server from SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability? cPanel / WHM

Browsers like Firefox and IE reported that SSLv3 is disabled. OpenSSL provides fixes for SSLv3 for major distros at cPanel/WHM server. The SSL 3.0 vulnerability through a man-in-the-middle attack can allow an attacker to break into a secure session. The fix is to disable the CBC ciphers in the cPanel/WHM The below script checks the... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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