How to Enable Cloudflare Auto Minify for WordPress Site Cloudflare

What is Cloudflare Auto Minify? The Cloudflare service, which we use for websites, includes a variety of features and options that can help make our site more secure and faster. With speed being such an important factor in the website visitor’s experience, it’s necessary to find strategies to improve loading times. This is where code... Continue Reading Continue Reading

What is Cloudflare Zone Lockdown and how do I set it up? Cloudflare

Before we go into the Cloudflare Zone Lockdown configuration stages, let’s take a look at some of the features: Zone Lockdown’s Features A list of one or more IP addresses, CIDR ranges, or networks that are the only IPs allowed to access a domain, subdomain, or URL is known as zone lockdown. If someone from... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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