In this mobile-powered era, successful organizations leverage the potential of enterprise mobility services to accelerate their growth and stay ahead of their peers. The development of cutting-edge mobile technologies has ushered modern entrepreneurs to integrate mobility solutions into their strategy. Velan delivers the finest mobility solutions which streamline your operational abilities, thereby saving time and improving the productivity of the workforce. In addition to the efficiency factor, Velan’s mobility solutions also empower the organizations to provide highly connected customer experiences. Thus, enterprise mobility is no longer a choice but has become a basic necessity in this brand new digitalized business environment.

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Mobility Consulting

Mobile devices are getting cheaper and more powerful, and this has provided sufficient leverage for software organizations and businesses to provide better mobile solutions to older problems. Velan’s mobility consultants, armed with the know-how to recognize opportunities to streamline operations and increase revenue using mobile devices, strive hard to provide a comprehensive set of services that pertain to every stage of the mobility solution. From device selection to customer experience, Velan’s mobility consultants carefully analyze and audit the specific needs and goals of the organization at each stage to meet the desired objectives. With a pool of well-trained workforce and with the inputs gathered from the relevant audits, Velan has sufficient resources to design, execute and support a dynamic and highly scalable enterprise mobility solution.

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Even though migrating applications and products to a new operating system may seem like a long, arduous and complex process, Velan’s migration experts make sure that you have a smooth and easy experience overall. With the help of relevant migration technologies, Velan ensures minimum code changes and rapid movement of legacy applications to modern operating systems. Prior planning of the migration by experts, benefits the organization in providing a better user experience and future proof applications devoid of the time, cost and risk associated with such processes. The experts are equipped with the necessary tools to achieve similar functionality on the new hardware, thereby ensuring a smooth organizational transition. The advantages of new and updated hardware capabilities such as unique innovations and empowered workflows are leveraged to provide maximum benefits to the businesses.


Support & Maintenance

Velan specializes not only in the development of customized mobility solutions but also in timely maintenance and constant support. Velan is equipped with a group of experts to provide swift and responsive support services, focusing on every software update requirement of the product. These experts excel in the technical know-how which plays a critical role in the support operation, helping businesses with technical support and technical answers. Velan’s support professionals are available throughout the day to guide the organizations through so that they can have complete control of their products. With a wide range of experience gained from supporting apps related to business, commerce, leisure, etc., Velan monitors, maintains and manages your mobile applications using a web-based administration panel. Irrespective of the nature of the development of the app, Velan maintains the same standard of support and maintenance for all businesses, thereby helping them efficiently mobilize their products.

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