How to change the hostname In DirectAdmin panel? DirectAdmin

How to Change Your Hostname (DirectAdmin Control Panel), A local network’s hostname distinguishes devices. A computer’s hostname additionally enables others to find it, facilitating data transfer within a network. The hostname is used by many networking applications, such as Send-mail and Apache servers, to identify the system. The right hostname should be set as a result. If it needs to be changed, we have a solution for you.

DirectAdmin hostname change

A server administrator who uses DirectAdmin can change the server’s hostname. An IP address that resolves to a legitimate hostname is the server’s IP address. To confirm that it is at that address. Make an A record for a subdomain that points to the IP address of the DirectAdmin server, such as Here, we’ll go over how to rename a host using DirectAdmin.

To begin with, log in to the DirectAdmin control panel using the admin credentials. Go to the page marked “Administrator Settings.”

On the “Administrator Settings” page, scroll down to the “Server Settings” section. Afterwards, search for “Server’s Hostname.” Here is where we changed the DirectAdmin server’s hostname.

Once the new hostname has been entered, scroll down to the bottom and click the Save button.

The modifications will now be saved and implemented by DirectAdmin. After roughly a minute, DirectAdmin will add the new hostname to the “Server’s hostname” field. Right now, you’re done!

At Velan, our server support engineers can set up DirectAdmin and modify the hostname of the servers. If you are interested in our service, please fill out the quick connect form to get in touch with us.


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