What are the Outsourced Document Digitizing Services Velan Offers?

Data Entry Services

We extract specific data from photos, papers, and records, such as bills,
e-commerce transactions, legal documents, municipal records, manuscripts and journals, media reports, technical manuals, and so on (manually/using tools). The data is entered and formatted into the needed formats to meet your ECM, ERP, CRM, or other data management needs.

Data Entry

Image Processing Services

We provide picture perfect processing of images. Our image processing services include OCR cleanup, image - enhancement and compression, editing and cropping.

Data Entry

Document Indexing Services

Document indexing is the practice of tagging or linking specific information to a file so that it may be utilized for future search and retrieval purposes. In a nutshell, indexing is a route that leads to the document. The creation of indexes is regarded as one of the most important aspects of a successful document management installation. We carefully index your papers so that your files are readily navigable. When a document cannot be identified, missing or wrong data may be highly expensive, and our skilled approach guarantees that our indexing is done properly. We employ a variety of technologies to achieve this effectively, including barcodes, OCR/ICR, keying, and manual

Data Entry

Data Processing Services

Our experience includes dealing with large amounts of data, allowing you to easily monitor your e-commerce, market research (surveys), and document processing operations. We also digitize paper-based data sources and undertake cleaning, indexing, and integration. This comprises metadata gathering, document categorization for ease of search, and quick document retrieval using keywords, tags, and so on.

Data Entry

Ecommerce Catalog
Management Services

Our ecommerce catalogue services include uploading of images, listing of products across different marketplaces. We make sure the products are appealing and enhance user experience to boost your sales.

Data Entry

Form Processing Services

Surveys, Questionnaires, and different Membership Application Forms are just a few of the documents Velan handles on a daily basis. Projects may be one-time, repeated multiple times a year, or continuing on a daily basis. All are treated with the same care, quality, and service that has made Velan the number one option in Forms Processing. Whether handwritten or printed, Velan has experience converting documents to a variety of output formats such as Text, Database, MS Excel, MS Access, HTML, and many more... Velan can handle a broad variety of volumes, independent of size, colour, card/paper, or kind of forms document. Velan provides a flexible and rapid service level with a variety of turnaround options, including same-day processing.

Data Entry

Legal Coding Services

Velan provides subjective, objective, and in-text coding. Our expert legal document coding relieves you of the burden of diving deep into your stored legal data and offers a secure means to handle all documents in the most effective manner. Vee Technologies provides affordable high-quality coding and data processing services. During the coding process, we satisfy our customers' expectations for correctness, consistency, and completeness.

Data Entry

Document Conversion Services

Velan can handle practically any data conversion task, including preserving massive amounts of data, building libraries and web-based applications, updating databases, aiding e-publishing, and storing business-critical information.

Data Entry

Web Research Services

Velan is a renowned marketing research firm that specializes in customer happiness and loyalty assessment programs, lost customer analysis, data gathering, and other research skills such as quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The internet has a vast amount of papers, data, and information. However, our online research approach gives you access to any kind of information that can assist you in making business decisions. This large volume of information is meaningless to you until and until a web research professional organizes it for you. The ready-to-use information may assist you in making business decisions.We have a specialized staff of online research professionals that handle complicated web-based research jobs with precision, dependability, and convenience.

Data Entry


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What are the Industries that Velan’s Outsourced Data Entry & Processing team serves?

At Velan, we've dedicated years of expertise to the realm of data entry and data processing services. Our commitment goes beyond operator training; we have made consistent investments in validation and quality control procedures. This commitment allows us to offer the highest caliber of service for all data entry and data entry projects across various industries, including:

  • Healthcare: Handling medical insurance forms, dental insurance forms, Medicare remittance notices, Medicare summary notices, HCFA 1500 forms, and UB92 forms.
  • Marketing: Dealing with surveys, coupon data, and creating and verifying mailing lists.
  • Legal: Verifying and validating essential documents, as well as digitizing, indexing, and coding legal materials.
  • Education: Managing student records, ILR forms, indexing, creating e-libraries, and facilitating online courses.
  • Finance: Processing credit card applications.
  • Insurance: Streamlining claims processing.
  • Transportation: Managing driver qualifications processing and courier shipping documents.
  • Publication: Offering services like manuscript formatting, coding, indexing, and subscription fulfillment.
  • Mortgage: Specializing in document imaging and indexing.
  • Manufacturing: Assisting in order processing and bill of material maintenance.
  • Human Resources: Maintaining employee data accurately
  • Microfilm Scanning: Indexing, Document unitization, File naming, Image cropping, Resizing, Enhancement and Border removal.

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Why Choose Velan for your Document Digitization Services Requirements?

What makes Velan’s Document Digitization Services to stand out is our unwavering commitment to delivering 100% accurate documents by coupling innovation and technology.

Skilled Workforce

As your trusted data entry and data processing service provider, we bring to the table a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals ready to tackle your projects. We are not only computer literate but also possess excellent English skills. Whether it's a long-term commitment, short-term task, or one-time outsourced data entry project, we have the expertise to handle it efficiently.

Uncompromising Accuracy

We pride ourselves on our steadfast commitment to accuracy. Our rigorous quality control processes ensure a 100% accuracy rate across all project types. We work swiftly without compromising data precision and offer versatile data entry methods, including single key, dual key, or multiple key data entry.

Time Efficiency

We recognize the value of time, especially when dealing with extensive data volumes that need to be processed and organized within strict timelines. Therefore, we are dedicated to meeting your requirements and guaranteeing swift turnaround times, even for sizable projects.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

We take our responsibilities seriously, striving for excellence in every aspect. This dedication has resulted in an impressive 97% positive service rating from our clients. Our data entry and data processing professionals are here to manage your projects, continually seeking innovative ways to ensure you have an exceptional experience with us.

Optimizing Data Utilization

In today's business world, data is everything a business needs to propel growth. By outsourcing data entry and data processing services to Velan, you can tap into this valuable resource and propel your business to new heights.

Key Differentiators

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Zero processing errors
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cost savings of approximately 30% to 40%
  • Dedicated project manager for each client
  • Double Pass and Validation
  • Multi-level quality assurance
  • Well defined processes and procedures
  • Adequate monitoring and measurement mechanism
  • Strict data security measures
  • Enormous amounts of data collected quickly
  • Uninterrupted customer communication
  • In house technical team to build tools and techniques for Massive data capture

Document Digitization Services Process flow

Document Digitization Services

Incoming data

Any incoming data including electronic documents, images, and videos are received through web hooks, APIs and secure FTP/ MFT servers or online scanners directly at your convenience.

Production Scheduling

Production planning will be done for the day/shift or for a specific project by evaluating the following parameters: Turnaround Time, priority, and task volume, resource availability, Model of the Manufacturing Process

Document Digitization Services
Document Digitization Services

Processing Data

We harness our advanced AI recognition systems and a team of skilled experts, we process and transform raw data from documents, images, and emails into precise electronic information. The data undergoes matching procedures, predefined business guidelines, and validation checks, guaranteeing its integrity, accuracy, and validity.

Quality assurance

All tasks are examined for compliance with client delivery requirements if business rules are followed and output counts are matched with the source, among other things. Following the completion of the quality check, the output files are converted to the necessary file format and authorized for distribution.

Document Digitization Services
Document Digitization Services

Uploading Data

The electronic data is formatted as per your needs and securely integrated into your ERP systems. Furthermore, the images and data can be stored on our secure Web Portal, granting authorized personnel 24/7 real-time access and serving as a disaster recovery offsite backup.

How is Velan's Document Digitization Services Unique?

Our distinctive strengths lie in our ability to provide a comprehensive array of Document Digitization Services, custom-made to align with your unique business requirements. We adhere to industry-standard practices and incorporate best-in-class methodologies, which, in turn, drive your key performance metrics and lead you to success. The core essence of our offering is our team's commitment to operate as an extension of your in-house staff, thus ensuring that you benefit from our extensive expertise and proficiency. Among the primary characteristics that distinguish us are:

Automation-Driven Data Entry and Processing

Our services are underpinned by cutting-edge automation technology.

Quality Assurance and Cost-Efficiency

We guarantee both the quality of our services and cost savings for your business.

Data Security and Business Continuity

We assure the safety of your data and uninterrupted business operations.

Accurate and Timely Reporting

Our commitment to delivering accurate, punctual, and regular reports ensures your business stays on track.

Flexibility to Manage Workload Fluctuations

We provide the ability to instantly scale up or down in response to workload fluctuations

24/7 On-Demand Operations

Our round-the-clock operations are at your disposal, you can always reach out to us if you want us to expedite a process or clear any queries you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Encrypted email can be a convenient means to communicate between both of us; however, you can also use Live Chat, Phone Calls to communicate regularly.

Both small and large projects can be carefully handled by us. We have the infrastructure, technology, procedures, and professional staff in place to handle several complicated projects at once.

The turnaround time will depend on the team strength and the nature of the data entry project. We will be able to complete small jobs within with in a day. For long-term jobs, we will plan and deliver based on your requirements.

Our quality control division verifies finished data. In essence, data is checked at every stage of the projects by our quality control staff. When the job is done, we also double check the information provided by our clients. Data can be manually verified, and entered data can be corrected by electronic comparison.


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