Velan has a proven track record of delivering quality front-end engineering service to PCB fabrication and assembly industries worldwide. Velan offers end-to-end CAM tooling services to PCB fabrication units from Inspection to CNC programming. Our offshore engineers work in co-ordination with customers' on-site engineers and help shorten the delivery time.

Frontend engineering service for PCB Assembly industry is also offered by Velan.

CAM Tooling For Fabrication Industry


CAM Tooling - Inspection

Design Rule Checks

We run an exhaustive list of design rule checks for all boards to avoid error that can possibly cause board scrap. All features are thoroughly checked for violations before the board is panelized.

Some of the checks are :

  • Minimum Air Gap.
  • Minimum Trace.
  • Open Trace/Dangling Traces
  • Power to Ground Short Detection
  • Annular Ring Verification
  • Expose Trace.
  • Fab-to-Gerber Mismatch.

CAM Tooling - Editing

Large number of DFM (Design for Manufacturability) actions have to be performed on various layers, such as signal, solder mask, silk screen layers to ensure productivity.

Some edit & DFM operations that we carry out are:

Clean Up
  • Legend Detection
  • Draws to Flash
  • SMD Attribute Setting
  • Line Unification
  • Redundant Line Removal
  • NFP Removal
  • Pad Registration
  • Sliver & Acute Angle
  • Exposed Copper Detection

  • Signal Layer Optimization
  • Solder Mask Creation
  • Line Width Optimization
  • Silk Screen Overlap
  • Power & Ground Optimization
  • Teardrop Creation (snow man)
  • Copper Balancings
  • Etch Compensate
  • Netlist Compare

CAM Tooling - Panelization

Panels are required in order to save setup time and provide efficient usage of materials. So step & repeat of boards are created on one large panel. Thieving bars and venting patterns are added around the boards with Test coupons inserted in specific locations. Also Mounting holes, optical targets (fiducials) are added for various production machines. Text and logos are added for easy identification of the board.

  • Complete Panelization Package
  • Customized Venting Pattern
  • Layer Identification
  • Step and Repeat
  • Tooling Targets
  • Compensation for Lamination Shrinkage
  • Generate customized coupons

CAM Tooling - Programming

NC Drill/Rout Programming

NC files that are created for the Drill & Rout machines.

The following parts of the NC file are customized to the requirements of each customer:
File header , Tool change , Tool finish, Step & Repeat start, Step & Repeat end, End of file.

  • Support almost all versions / formats.
  • NC drill program - first drill, second drill.
  • NC rout program.
  • Tool path generation.
  • Drill card creation

PCB Engineering for PCB Assembly Industry

frontend-engineering -pcb-assembly
  • BoM Scrubbing
    • Rename and remove parts from BoM.
  • BoM to CAD Comparison
    • Match components in BOM against CAD for parts and quantity
  • Polarity Auditing
    • Locate polarity sensitive components and orient them in right direction
  • Pin-1 Position
    • Identify and mark PIN-1 position of chips in CAD
  • Fiducial Marking
    • Mark designated fiducials or identify suitable ones
  • Machine Programming
    • Generate machine program for the PNP machines
  • Shop Floor Assembly Drawing
    • Generate assembly drawing with PIN-1, Polarity and Fiducial markings for shop floor

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