At Velan, with deep functional knowledge, a suite of finance and accounting services are delivered that enable finance leaders with control and visibility across processes. Diligent accounting services enable controllers to achieve higher degree of operational efficiency and meet the regulatory compliances. Financial insights derived out of our services empower businesses to understand current and past performance, predict future performance, highlight potential risks and make strategic business decisions.

With over a decade of track record in offering finance & accounting services, Velan augments businesses across various industries with finance and accounting capabilities like Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Record to Report, General Accounting and Financial Planning and Analysis. Accurate and timely F&A services of Velan assist businesses with better cash flow management and a positive impact on the overall growth.

Outsourced Accounting Services


Procure to Pay (P2P) Service

Velan's Procure to Pay (P2P) service helps businesses from purchase order to accounts payable cycle and optimize working capital effectively, increase savings, improve efficiency and build value. Velan’s P2P outsourcing service covers the entire range of accounts payable processes including scanning documents, processing invoices, answering vendor queries, managing master data, taking care of claims and ensuring timely disbursement of payments. Businesses derive enhanced vendor and employee satisfaction while minimizing leakages.

Some of the activities carried out in P2P services include:

  • Supplier management
  • Query management
  • Spend management
  • Reconciliation
  • Purchase order management
  • Tax accounting
  • Invoice processing
  • Purchasing card management
  • Payment disbursement
  • Payment management
  • Master data management

Order to Cash (O2C) Service

Velan provides an end-to-end solution, from customer order to collection, a full cycle of the order-to-cash process improving operational and financial performance. Velan's O2C service helps businesses to realize revenue early and also enhance satisfaction levels.

Some of the O2C service activities include:

  • Order processing
  • Customer query management
  • Customer master management
  • Refund processing
  • Credit analysis
  • Credit / debit note management
  • Invoicing
  • Discounts
  • Collections
  • Reconciliation
  • Dispute management
  • Reporting
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Record to Report (R2R) Service

Velan’s Record to Report (R2R) service involves meticulous collection, accurate processing and timely delivery of information to assess performance of businesses, understand potential risks and take strategic decisions.

R2R service delivers a range of reports including:

  • Financial analysis – sales, revenue, profit and cost
  • Portfolio and fund accounting
  • Decision support, planning, financial reporting
  • Report consolidation
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Process documentation
  • Trend analysis, and variance analysis
  • GL and FA accounting
  • Cost accounting and cost reductions
  • Month-end process
  • Commercials and price modeling
  • ABC analysis

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