Business Process Management services invlove a wide range of high volume rule-based and knowledge based repetitive tasks that are otherwise done manually. With deep domain knowledge, Velan's RPA experts automate majority of these tasks by integrating robotic process automation technology. Velan reorients business process management with RPA and artificial intelligence to deliver automated business tasks rolled out after many hours of learning and testing. RPA result in huge saving in human effort and cost.

Robotic Process Automation Approach

RPA Consulting

Assess Processes & Platforms, Process Validation, Define Objectives, RPA Roadmap

Pilot & PoC

PoC Creation, Develop Prototype, RPA Pilot, Rollout Milestones

RPA Rollout

Automation Scripting, Robot Training, RPA Deployment, RPA Management

BOT Support

Performance Monitoring, BOT Maintenance, Relase Management, RPA Support

RPA Third Party Tools

Velan's RPA experts have the capability to rollout RPA solutions using leading third party tools given below.

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