With the latest technological changes revolutionizing consumer behavior and the increasingly competitive business environment, the need for organizations to be agile and nimble has become vital. Velan’s accelerators and enablers assist organizations in bringing down the resources utilized considerably which can then be funneled into the innovative growth initiatives for business development. Velan also helps businesses find the right direction for surplus funds by breaking down barriers that stem the organic growth of the organization and fostering digital initiatives.

Digital Accelerator Services


Custom Solutions

Velan acknowledges the fact that different businesses have unique problems and hence each problem requires custom solutions tailor-made to transform the quality of the business. Velan’s consultants analyze thoroughly the business problem to understand the root cause that helps them to customize the product and offer a solution. Avoiding complex solutions that are too hard to understand and implement, Velan specializes in simple solutions that are easier to execute and maximizes productivity. Velan has the ability to cater to all kinds of organizations ranging from small startups to large conglomerates designing the solutions to free up capital and accelerate growth.

Efficiency Enhancement

As the name indicates, Velan’s accelerators implement continuous development and continuous deployment in the existing business framework thereby accelerating the delivery pipeline and increasing customer satisfaction. Streamlining the bottlenecks in the existing business structure, increasing the efficiency of the system by integrating disparate processes and automating manual processes wherever possible, Velan strives hard to optimize the entire business. The efficiency enhancement process also involves Velan’s enablers through which the organic growth of the business infrastructure is fostered by introducing relevant tools and technologies. The business process of the client is never allowed to be outdated or inefficient by consistently innovating them so that the efficiency is sustained for the foreseeable future.


Security & Convenience

Exposure to the latest technological advancements has led to high expectations from employees and customers alike to have a user-friendly experience and Velan specializes in offering such a collaborative, integrative and interactive user experience. Thus better data management and resource synchronization are achieved which empowers the efficiency of the whole organization. With the data handled by businesses being sensitive, the organization’s ability to maintain the confidentiality of client information becomes vital. Accuracy and security form the base of Velan’s services as it maintains client accountability by enforcing strict technical and functional safeguards in all of its services.

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