Regulatory compliant services with intelligent insights ensure providers to focus on patient care at the same time improve cash flow. Velan’s Business Process Management (BPM) provides a range of healthcare offerings to healthcare providers including hospitals, physician groups and individual practices. Our services enable our healthcare providers to manage processes from billing to patient care. We enable healthcare providers to deliver the best experience to patients and at the same time improve operational efficiency. The services we offer include patient scheduling, charge preparation, accounts receivable & denial management, accounting and patient care management.

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Patient Services – Appointment Scheduling & Pre-authorization

Delivering quality healthcare service starts with managing patient scheduling and appointment process efficiently. Quick appointment setting process and adequate eligibility and pre authorization checks prior to patients’ visits would have a positive impact on patient satisfaction level as well as on the revenue cycle performance. A coordinated and streamlined appointment scheduling and reminder service would reduce the patient no-shows, quickly deliver services and also improve efficiency of providers.

Revenue Cycle Transformation

Velan offers entire range of revenue cycle management service to healthcare providers. Studies show that considerate amount of revenue is lost due to incorrect patient demographics. Velan RCM services improve accuracy of demographics and optimize revenue cycle. Revenue is also lost due to inaccurate documentation. With expertise in Revenue Cycle platforms, Velan team captures charge entry transactions accurately. Billing specialists of Velan collect, post and manage account payments, submit claims to insurance companies. Billing specialists also identify trends and opportunities to improve the revenue cycle process. To maximize the revenue, Velan’s coders apply the right set of codes while submitting claims. An important process in the recycle is accounts receivable process. Velan AR team interacts with the insurance companies and identifies the status of the filed claims and submits / clarifies any missing piece of information. Denial management team analysis the denial trends and helps the entire revenue cycle to improve the revenue.


Data & Analytics

Velan has data and analytics expertise to offer data-driven solutions to healthcare providers. The power of data is unleashed to present a 360 degree view of patient, population, revenue cycle and organizational health. Velan helps provider organizations optimize their workflows and resource efficiency to accelerate reimbursement with a full suite of solutions & services.

Analytics give full visibility on supply cost and resource utilization to drive operational performance. It gives the ability to submit clear claims and manage denials, increase revenue, minimize AR days, reduce cost of collection and achieve desirable performance.

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