Velan has been offering inventory typing services for over a decade to inventory companies, independent inventory clerks, landlords, and other inventory businesses across UK. Our well-trained typers have experience in delivering quality reports like check-in, check-out, interim and inventory report. Established processes and robust infrastructure allow us to deliver uninterrupted service and meet the turnaround time consistently.

We understand that inventory is a key element in the property letting process and the need for the reports to be accurate. It's vital to deal with all items of the property with equal importance like descriptive conditions of door, wall, ceiling, lights and so on. In the process of professional report preparation, we understand the inventory clerk's comments/observations and our typers do a meticulous job of preparing customized structured report.

Listening carefully to the digitally recorded dictations of the inventory clerks, we produce detailed reports, which are concise, accurate and easy to read. We offer an exceptionally fast service and can turn around the transcribed reports as required by the inventory companies/clerks with an extremely flexible approach.

Inventory Transcription Third Party Tools

Velan's Inventory Transcription experts have wide experience using leading third-party tools given below.

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