Velan offers data-driven business intelligence (BI) service, which empowers businesses to unlock their true potential based on their organizational data. Velan employs latest tools & applications to collect data from various sources, store, prepare for analysis and generate reports for operations. Business Intelligence service provides businesses key performance metrics in near real time quickening the decision making process. Velan employs business analytics, data mining, data visualization to deliver data driven business intelligence service. Comprehensive view projected by BI services help businesses to focus on what works, eliminate inefficiencies, mitigate risks and quickly adapt to dynamic market situations.

Business Intelligence Service Offerings


Business Intelligence Consulting

Velan’s BI consultants work with the business stakeholders to understand their business intelligence objectives to arrive at the BI framework. During this exercise, BI consultants assess the existing BI processes, technology, architecture, resource pool and the gaps. Based on the assessment, consultants recommend the right architecture, technology, data and systems to roll out the BI strategy. A report on the current BI and analytics capabilities against the required ones is presented. A robust road map is laid to achieve the short, medium and long-term BI goals of the organization. Velan’s BI consultants also offer custom BI solutions to businesses in migrating their current BI system to a new one. Consultants assist the top management to keep track of the KPIs to get a comprehensive view on the organizational performance.

Business Intelligence Implementation

Velan’s implementation team carries out the BI implementation in a phased manner and follows best practices. Objectives and reporting requirements are gathered from the stake holders up front and they are involved right through the project. Requirements are divided into key business areas and phases to monitor and manage the implementation progress. Phases are prioritized based on areas the business stand to benefit the most or that would have maximum impact or areas of business which have clearly defined metrics. Data validation is done continually throughout the implementation to ensure accuracy of data reported and to maintain the confidence level of the stakeholders. Gradual deployment is done for the implementation is smooth and successful.


BI as a Service

Velan offers BI as a Service to small and medium size businesses, who have limited IT resources. In BI as a Service environment, Velan, as a data analytics outsourcing partner takes care of solution’s technical embodiment. In BI as a Service, businesses get an end-to-end service that handles the extraction, organization, and upkeep of data. BI as a Service is ideal when accessing information slow and when quick solutions are needed based on data analytics. Velan’s BI as a service makes central repository of information to manage information efficiently and also promotes a self-serve culture in organization.

BI support

Velan’s BI support helps businesses in monitoring and managing their BI solutions. Velan offers administration support including software updates, user & access management. Technical BI support includes creating new reports, modifying & managing queries & data objects, security updates, performance monitoring and improvements. Quick turnaround of Velan support team enables businesses to extend TOI on their BI investment.


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