How can I use the Admin Console to setup SSL for Zimbra Email Server? Linux

Zimbra Email Server SSL certificate is recommended to secure our email transactions. Before installing the Zimbra Email Server SSL Certificate using the Admin Console, you must first generate the CSR, as detailed in the following Wiki: For a Commercial SSL, generate a valid CSR (Certificate Signing Request). Select the target server to generate the SSL... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How can I use IIS to host a website on an EC2 Windows instance? AWS

First, use RDP to connect to your EC2 Windows Server instance. Verify that the instance has all of the essential ports open, as well as that IIS is installed and configured. Log in to the EC2 console, select your instance, go to the Description page, and write down the Public IP address. Set up your... Continue Reading Continue Reading

What can be done to reverse the AWS EC2 hardware degradation? AWS

In the event of a hardware failure, Amazon EC2 marks the affected hardware as defective. As a result, instances running on the problematic hardware hypervisor are transferred to healthy hardware. During the changeover, Amazon EBS-backed instances will be decommissioned, whereas instance store-backed instances will be decommissioned. We are notified of the AWS EC2 Hardware Degradation... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to use Sysprep to create and install a custom Windows AMI that may be reused? AWS

Are you looking for instructions on how to use Sysprep to create and install custom reusable Windows AMIs? Sysprep, a Microsoft utility, can be used to capture custom Windows images. The instance security identifiers (SID), computer name, and drivers are all removed by Sysprep from an Amazon EC2 Windows instance. Please keep the following points... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to Increase Amazon ECS Container Disk Space on Fargate? AWS

If the underlying container host system runs out of disc storage, we’ll need to Increase Disk Space for Amazon ECS Container on Fargate. Let’s have a look at how we might expand our disc space today. Fargate Disk Space for Amazon ECS Container services Fargate tasks with platform version 1.40 have a task storage size... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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