How can I use IIS to host a website on an EC2 Windows instance? AWS

First, use RDP to connect to your EC2 Windows Server instance.

Verify that the instance has all of the essential ports open, as well as that IIS is installed and configured.

Log in to the EC2 console, select your instance, go to the Description page, and write down the Public IP address.

Set up your website and make sure you can access it both locally and remotely.

  • First, launch IIS Manager on your Windows Server instance.
  • Expand Sites, select Default Web Site, select Explore, and then select the.html front page of the website.
  • Confirm that you can access the website from your local EC2 server.
  • In a browser, type your public IP address and ensure that you can access the website from the outside.
  • Use a static public Elastic IP address to access your website from a host name.
  • Open the EC2 console first, and then select Elastic IPs from the navigation pane.
  • Select Allocate new address, then Allocate, then Close.
  • Select Associate Address from the Actions menu.
  • Go to Instance, select your Instance ID, then Associate.

Your websites can now be accessible locally via the hosts file on the same EC2 Windows Server instance using the private IP address.

Add the public IP address to your public hosted zone using your DNS host provider or Amazon Route 53 for public access.

In Route 53, assign the IP to your domain name.

To get started, go to the Amazon Route 53 console and select Hosted zones from the navigation pane.Choose Create Record Set or update one of the existing A records after selecting the domain name.

Type your Public IP address in the Value column, and then select Save Record Set.

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