How to scan for malware in Ubuntu Servers? Core

Ubuntu server for malware Antivirus scanning software can protect viruses from infecting your computer. It’s a simple approach to maintain your server free of viruses if you use them. ClamAV, an open-source antivirus program, is my preferred utility. Install ClamAV: sudo apt-get install ClamAV Update virus signatures: sudo freshclam Ubuntu server for malware, Scan all files for... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to enable Firewall/Iptables? Core

Iptables is a user-space utility application for configuring the IP packet filter rules of the enable firewall in the linux kernel firewall, which are implemented as separate Netfilter modules. The filters are structured in separate tables, each of which has a set of rules for how network traffic packets should be handled. Currently, separate kernel... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How to disable non essential services that are prone to exploitation? Core

Disabling unneeded services is a wise practice. As a result, fewer ports are available for exploitation in case of unwanted services running on the server of the nonessential service. Install the systemd package: sudo apt-get install systemd See which non essential services are running: systemctl list-units Recognize which services may expose your system to potential... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How can root login and password authentication for SSH be disabled? Core

The root user is enabled by default on most Linux servers, and hackers frequently attempt to get access to it by guessing its password. As a result, it’s a good idea to turn off the root account. First, make sure you have an admin user account so you can use the sudo special privileges access... Continue Reading Continue Reading

How do you install Virtualmin on Redhat or CentOS? Core

Virtualmin is a web hosting control panel for Linux and BSD systems that is both powerful and adaptable. Virtualmin is the cost-effective and complete solution to virtual web hosting administration, available in an Open Source community-supported version as well as a more feature-rich version with premium support. To install the control panel, we must first... Continue Reading Continue Reading


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