Velan Assisted A Chicago-Based Restaurant Chain In Designing And Developing A Customized Food Ordering And Delivery App. Mobility Services

Velan developed a customized food ordering and delivery app for a restaurant chain as they wanted to improve their sales in the online marketplace. Velan helped them realized their full potential by increasing their sales and revenue to the maximum. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Velan Assists A Cleveland-Based Retail Chain To Encourage Social Media Conversations And Engagements With Mobility Solutions. Mobility Services

Velan enhanced the social media presence of a retail chain by increasing the online engagements and sales using mobility solutions. Velan transformed the company into a customer-centric environment where customers had instant access to its resources. Continue Reading Continue Reading

Velan Helps A Pennsylvania-Based Transportation And Logistics Organization To Streamline Their Performance And Improve Customer Satisfaction Using Mobility Solutions. Mobility Services

Velan implemented a comprehensive mobility solution for our client who needed an application to better handle customer service and track movements. The solution offered high-quality experience to customers while enhancing the operational efficiency. Continue Reading Continue Reading


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