A North American Textile e-Commerce Business Outsources Its Order Processing & Customer Support Services to Velan and Registers 250% Growth in Business! Back Office Support


The client runs an international textile e-commerce business that serves customers from all over the world. The client is in charge of every facet of the enterprise, including marketing, order processing, customer support, and logistics.


The client wanted 24-hour support for order processing services, which include order tracking, order cancellations, refunds, and delivery.


Velan offers a wide range of outsourced order processing services. Our client made the smart choice to use Velan for managing their order processing. Their initial processing system took limited care of online order validation, tracking, placement, order cancellations, and customer service-related issues, including refunds, and product inquiries. Velan rapidly trained a group of committed order processing service specialists on the current processing system to start restructuring the customer’s order processing system.

Velan team created processes for evaluating and authenticating online orders in collaboration with the client to streamline the order processing system.


The client’s order volume surged by 250% in twelve months after Velan’s order processing team took over. This was mostly because of the newly implemented order-processing processes. Velan’s order processing service helped the client concentrate on key duties. This fruitful partnership between us helped the client develop and expand its virtual business.

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