Velan Assisted A Chicago-Based Restaurant Chain In Designing And Developing A Customized Food Ordering And Delivery App. Mobility Services


The client is one of the best-known restaurant chains in Chicago famous for its and Chinese and Thai cuisine.


The Chicago-based restaurant wanted to accelerate their sales by venturing into the online food ordering market. Even though they had a chain of restaurants, they realized that they have not reached their fullest potential due to the absence of a strong online presence. Hence the company needed an attractive yet simple food ordering application using which they can cater to the needs of the changing marketplace. They also had to compete with the players who were already present in the online scene.


Velan decided to design and develop a food ordering application that can attract new customers and also offer them the convenience of the choice of dishes and drinks by users. The application must have a simple user interface for the consumers to navigate easily and scalable infrastructure for further expansion. Extensive research must be conducted at the user level to gain valuable insights into the consumer psyche for optimum application development.


The bill amount per order increased by 40% owing to the wide variety of dishes available at the customer’s disposal from the comfort of their homes. The number of orders increased by 30% and the peak hour duration increased by almost 60%.


Velan focused on developing a complete product to cater to the needs of all stakeholders like the users, the restaurant, and the administrator. Automated orders and billing accelerated the delivery process significantly bringing down the process duration. Order tracking allowed our client to seamlessly communicate with their customers allowing them to have better control over their business. The application is also scalable and is customized to the needs of the client to scale up their operations whenever the situation arises.


  • SERVER – Linux


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