Velan Delivers A Community Management Portal To A US-Based Social Organization Digital Transformation Services

Client/Project: The client is a US-based social organization with a large number of members. The client wanted a customized community platform to engage with members, who lives across the country,  to spread awareness and communicate with them. The client wanted one application that can handle users, projects, events, subscriptions, magazines, online sales and payments. Challenges:... Continue Reading Continue Reading

Velan Successfully Delivers a Learning Management Solution to a US Organization Employing Over 5000 Professionals Digital Transformation Services

Process: A US-based organization with 5000+ employees provides periodic training on new platforms to its employees having problems with the current learning management system. The client wanted the system in a new technology that overcomes all current problems and manual works. Client needs micro-level reports of the employee’s learning journey to assess their training performance. Challenges:... Continue Reading Continue Reading

Velan Assisted A Houston-Based Healthcare Organization To Build A Comprehensive Employee Management System Complete With Time Tracking. Digital Transformation Services

Velan developed an employee management system complete with time tracking for its client who were plagued with inaccurate reports and inefficient workforce. Productivity was increased by automating error-prone manual processes and ensuring total compliance. Continue Reading Continue Reading


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