An Australian Service Provider For Real Estate Agents Utilizes Velan’s Round The Clock Back-Office Support And Gains A Significant Market Share In The Industry. 6 Years Of Relationship And Growing Stronger. Back Office Support


When the client approached Velan for the back office support, there were 3 major challenges to address.

  1. Turn Around Time: It is imperative for the client to register and onboard new users at the earliest to prevent them from slipping away to other providers. Time is essence. It requires round the clock back office support all through the year.
  2. Fluctuating Volumes: Volume of work fluctuates by the day. Unable to deploy the required resources on a short notice and the client was frequently failing to achieve the desired TAT.
  3. Quality: Client process is a rule-based one but with frequent updates. Resources are required keep up to the process updates to deliver quality output.


  1. TAT: Velan deployed redundant & robust infrastructure and with a highly trained dedicated round the clock team to meet Turn-Around-Time consistently.
  2. Fluctuating Volumes: With past data, Velan has been able to predict the volume to a great extent and also has cross-skilled pool of resources, who could be deployed on a short notice to complete the work on time.
  3. Quality: Velan processes are ISO9001 certified for quality that allowed the team to streamline the rule-based processes. An online tracking tool was put in place to monitor the quality of the back-office agents.


With Velan’s streamlined processes and round the clock services, average TAT has been brought down from 10 minutes to 4.5 minutes. This reduction in TAT helps the client to retain majority of its customers.

Velan has been offering the back office support services for the past 6 years without a single instance of unscheduled business disruption. This impeccable track record has enabled the client serve more customers resulting in higher revenue.

Innovative culture and ability to adapt to the client’s requirements have helped Velan to deliver superior client solutions for 6 consecutive years consistently.

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