Velan Assists A Cleveland-Based Retail Chain To Encourage Social Media Conversations And Engagements With Mobility Solutions. Mobility Services


The client is a well-known retail chain based in Cleveland that dominated the retail and dining markets.


The retail chain was slowly losing its customer base as more of them moved to online platforms and the company needed to boost its presence in social media. However, the company was saddled with legacy infrastructure and was struggling to implement mobility solutions and leverage its benefits. Hence the company hired Velan to implement a complete mobility solution that could make the company competitive in the digital space.


Velan decided to implement a scalable solution that can be adapted to changing business and customer needs. Velan thoroughly analyzed the business objectives of the client and the customer requirements to develop a solution the catered to the needs of both the client and its customers. We integrated various social media platforms with the mobility solution to not only offer the best experience to existing customers but also to attract new customers and pitch them with relevant products. We also offered rich insights into the accumulated customer preferences.


The customer engagement increased by 40% as a customer-centric digital strategy roadmap was developed for better social interaction. The speed at which the customer can access the application was increased by 30% and any query from the customer was rapidly addressed. Deep insights into the customer’s psyche allowed the client to make better decisions.


The combination of social media and mobility solutions fostered a vibrant business environment where customers had instant access to various resources of the company. Also, the efficiency of on-the-move employees increased exponentially. Thus, the company was able to compete well with its peers as it provided a wholesome experience for its customers in addition to its premium offerings. Velan succeeded in integrating social collaboration and its data with the existing business structure to form a formidable business tool keen on growth.


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