Velan Helps A Pennsylvania-Based Transportation And Logistics Organization To Streamline Their Performance And Improve Customer Satisfaction Using Mobility Solutions. Mobility Services


The client is a major transportation company based in Pennsylvania responsible for ferrying freight, forming a valuable part in the manufacturing industry.


The transportation company wanted to accelerate their business processes to compete with its competitors and gain a significant portion of the available market. The company wanted to upgrade its legacy IT infrastructure to better handle customer service and boost its operational performance. Hence the company needed a complete mobility solution from a competent provider.


Velan decided to start the project by gathering business requirements, customer feedback, employee feedback, and other relevant information to design a scalable and flexible application. Velan developed an architecture to host services within the organization that is responsible for constant customer support throughout the day. The application integrated the various verticals within the organization into a single framework thereby improving performance.


By automating the entire customer experience from booking till the end through a mobile application operational efficiency improved by almost 40%. The number of repeat customers increased by 30% as the experience was tailor-made to suit customer needs.


Velan’s mobility solution offered a top-notch experience to the customers as they were able to communicate using mobile devices. The solution improved the efficiency of operations and management teams as it was flexible enough to react to the changing costs and competition. Automating manual processes and consistent tracking also paved the way for better decision making due to the amount of data collected and stored.


  • SERVER – Linux


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