Velan Successfully Delivers a Learning Management Solution to a US Organization Employing Over 5000 Professionals Digital Transformation Services


A US-based organization with 5000+ employees provides periodic training on new platforms to its employees having problems with the current learning management system. The client wanted the system in a new technology that overcomes all current problems and manual works. Client needs micro-level reports of the employee’s learning journey to assess their training performance.


The learning management system used by the client has the following issues.

  1. Unable to manage the learning journey
  2. Difficulty in tracking employee records
  3. Inaccurate reports with countless errors
  4. Not capable of setting up the hierarchy for system access


Velan team did a study on the client’s operational feasibility to understand the current system problems and implemented a customized learning management system using the Laravel Framework.

The new system allows the company to organize the hierarchy, manage multiple users with access privilege, create and track learning journeys, automate the entire learning cycle and customized reports. The straightforward UI interface helped employees to use the system effectively.


Velan’s learning management system was efficient and trouble-free for the client to assess the employee’s training performance. The employee training process becomes effective and increased employee’s knowledge on new platforms by 70 % which helped in bringing new business and 15% increase in revenue.


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