Velan Assisted A Houston-Based Healthcare Organization To Build A Comprehensive Employee Management System Complete With Time Tracking. Digital Transformation Services


The client was a leading healthcare organization based in Houston that delivered healthcare services to meet the needs of the local population.


The client was using an outdated employee management system that was inefficient and recorded inaccurate reports with numerous errors. The company wanted to accelerate the efficiency of the whole process and eliminate manual work thereby increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Hence the company was in need of a system that streamlines the time tracking process and automates manual processes wherever possible.


Velan decided to implement a centralized time tracking system throughout the organization and automate the entire process with minimal inputs from the employees. A simple interface with easy-to-use features was preferred so that the employees can adapt faster with little training. Velan studied the existing system and found ways to seamlessly migrate to the new system. After implementation, employee feedback was collected and the system was consistently improved to provide the best possible experience for the employees.


The solution reported 100% compliance throughout the organization thereby maintaining an accurate record of time spent on the project. The efficiency of the process was increased by 30% using automation and eliminating double entry. Also, 95% of the employees were satisfied with the interface and were comfortable using it.


Velan’s time tracking solution proved efficient as most of the manual processes were automated resulting in a significant increase in employee productivity. The reports generated were comprehensive allowing the executives to gauge the productivity of the workforce with various relevant details. Our solution made the employees feel comfortable using it thereby ensuring compliance throughout the organization.


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