Velan Delivers A Community Management Portal To A US-Based Social Organization Digital Transformation Services


The client is a US-based social organization with a large number of members.

The client wanted a customized community platform to engage with members, who lives across the country,  to spread awareness and communicate with them.

The client wanted one application that can handle users, projects, events, subscriptions, magazines, online sales and payments.


The client had the following issues and requirement

  • A tool to record the entire process
  • Option to use multiple platforms
  • Facility to manage the users
  • Platform to sell their products to users
  • Circulate magazine to the users
  • Conduct events and sell tickets
  • Manage projects and their progress
  • Limited budget for Video conference option


Velan team conducted a detailed business requirement analysis and implemented the online collaborative Community Management Application with CodeIgniter web framework and developed a scalable database design that could handle multiple features.

Velan team identified a suitable third-party plugin and implemented the video conference option within the limited budget.


The Community Management Application was developed with user interaction and ease-of-use in mind.

By using the Community Management Application

  • Users can login using social media account
  • Users can connect using video conference
  • Admin/Privileged users can create, assign, and track the project and its users
  • Portal owner/Vendor can sell products online
  • Users can create events and sell tickets
  • Users can post unlimited magazines

All wealth, education & motivation awareness was easily communicated to the targeted audience.

All features in the application increased the user signups which increased the revenue to the company, now even a small vendor can easily sell their products using the application.


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