How to Reserve IP Address for a device through DHCP Server IP Reservation DHCP

DHCP IP reservation lets you assign a specific IP address to a specific device or whenever the device connects to the network. Most devices uses DHCP wherein, the server provides the IP address dynamically. However, there may be situations when you need to ensure the same IP is assigned to the device to have the Port Forwarding / DMZ to work.

The steps to configure IP reservation in Windows DHCP Server is as follows –

Installation of DHCP Server

  1. Open the Server Manager and then open Roles and Feature Wizard

Feature Wizard

2. Select Server and Roles DHCP

Roles DHCP

3. Confirm the selected feature

DHCP Server

4. Select Install and Finish the DHCP Server Installation.

DHCP Server Installation

DHCP Server Installation 2

Configuration of the DHCP Server

  1. Open DHCP and Configure scope

Configure scope

2. Create a New Scope with the below IP Range

IP Range

3. Set the lease period of IP and rest of the configurations as default. If you need to configure IP exclusion range and WINS server address, you can configure it in the next screen.

lease period of IP and rest

4. Finally Activate the Scope and finish the setup of the IP Ranges and scopes.

Setting up DHCP Reservation

  1. Open DHCP console and right click on reservations and select new reservations.

new reservations

2. Specify the IP address, MAC Address and click Add

MAC Address and click Add

3. To verify the DHCP reservation, please run the command ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew on the device which we are reserving the IP address.

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