How to Install WHM/cPanel on CentOS Linux Distros? cPanel / WHM

WHM/cPanel is a very popular and reliable control panel for web hosting services. The WHM/cPanel is rich with features and very powerful GUI to manage web hosting services.

To Install WHM/cPanel on CentOS linux distros

Step 1: The first step for the installation is to setup the hostname for the server. The following command sets up the hostname for the server

# hostnamectl set-hostname

Step 2: Ensure you have Perl installed on your server. The following command install Perl on the server

# yum install perl

Step 3: The next step is to install CURL command. The following command installs CURL on the server

# yum install curl

Step 4: The next step is to download the latest installer script to the home directory. The following command downloads the script from cPanel website

# curl –o latest –L

Step 5: The following command installs the auto installer script

# sh latest

Once the installation is completed, you would be able to access the WHM panel with the following URL


If you have setup the A record on your DNS server, you can access the WHM panel using the following URL

The credentials to login to the panel is same as the root credentials to the CentOS server

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