How do you enable Passive FTP Mode in Plesk server which is running EC2 Instance on AWS? AWS

Plesk servers that only have active FTP connections do not allow you to access the server through FTP. Customers frequently ask us to activate Passive FTP on their Amazon EC2 instance.

  • Whenever a new Plesk instance is deployed from an AWS Marketplace AMI, Amazon EC2 builds and assigns a security group to the instance.
  • Plesk operates with pre-configured firewall rules in these security groups. A rule in the firewall allows connections to the passive FTP port range.
  • However, we must manually enable connections to the passive FTP port range if the Plesk instance was not built from an AWS Marketplace AMI or if we have a custom security group.

Manually configuring passive FTP on an Amazon EC2 instance:

  • The procedures to manually configuring passive FTP on an Amazon EC2 instance are as follows.
  • To begin, we must first log onto our AWS console.
  • Go to Instances and tick the box next to the instance for which we wish to enable connections to the passive FTP port range.
  • Then, in the Description, click the name of the security group that was created automatically.
  • Finally, select Inbound and press the Edit button.
  • After that, we must select Add Rule.
  • The following settings for the newly added rule can be specified here:
  • Type: The Custom TCP rule value can be kept in the drop-down list.
  • The port range can be specified as follows: 49152-65535.
  • We can choose anywhere from the drop-down list as our source.
  • To distinguish the firewall rule from others, we must give it a name that is easily remembered.
  • Finally, click the Save button.
  • The firewall rule is created, and we can see it in the list of firewall rules.
  • On a Plesk Amazon EC2 instance, we may now use the passive FTP mode.

At Velan, our server support engineers can help to configure passive FTP on your Plesk-installed AWS EC2 servers. If you are interested in our service, please fill the Quick connect form to get in touch with us.


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