Velan Steps Into The 13th Successful Year Of Non-Stop Back-Office Services To The US-Based World’s Largest Event Meeting Information Lead Generation Company. Back Office Support


The client generates leads for the hospitality industry from reader boards on events held in hotels across the US and in other countries. Velan captures information on events from the reader board pictures and verifies the contact information of event managers.


  • Short Turn-Around-Time & Round the clock operations with daily deliverables before the start of US business hours.
  • Demanding accuracy
  • Unpredictable daily volume


  • Velan deployed redundant & robust infrastructure to avoid any downtime.
  • By implementing Staggered shifts and by having trained shadow resources Velan ensures uninterrupted round the clock services.
  • Velan’s ISO9001 certified Quality assured Process helped in qualitative monitoring and measuring the deliverables


Velan Back Office services ensured a culture of continuous improvement, to help the client maintain its position in an extremely competitive marketplace. Not even a single day of unscheduled service interruption in the last 13 years.

Velan’s intimate understanding of the business has allowed for process innovation resulting in significant improvements in operational metrics and enabling the client to get its market footprint not only across the US but also globally.

Today the team at Velan processes 1.2 million records per year, 5 times more than the inception volume.

Client Speak:

“Let me reiterate how much we appreciate our alliance with Velan and the job that your team continues to do for us in such a stellar fashion. We feel that you excel in virtually all data quality, reliability, consistency, and turnaround.”

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