A Fortune-500 Manufacturer in NY Trusts Velan’s Back Office Support for Their Most Essential Day-to-Day Operations Including Order Management, Pre-receive Shipment & Dispute Management Back Office Support


The client sells products on large e-commerce and retail players like Amazon, Bed bath & beyond, Macy’s, Bloomingdale, JC Penny and Target and more. Velan plays a vital role in their daily operations which pave the way for the smooth and frictionless transitions such as

  1. Monitor and organize the inventory module to ensure the availability of the stock
  2. Prepping and reconciliation of the order before the release of the shipment
  3. Raising a dispute on the bunked invoices with the vendors, for the payment to get through


  1. Short turn-around-time & round the clock operations with daily deliverables
  2. Unpredictable daily volume & Week-end support on request with mass volume and short TAT
  3. 100% Accuracy
  4. Managing multiple business process activities like handling orders & status/dispatch date inquiry, updating price change, quantity change and warehouse change.


  1. Velan deployed redundant & robust infrastructure to avoid any downtime.
  2. Velan handled unpredictable daily volume & on-demand Weekend support by having trained shadow resources, who could be deployed on short notice to complete the work on time.
  3. Velan’s quality assurance process backed by adherence to ISO 9001 quality standards, helped in monitoring and measuring the deliverables.
  4. Velan’s managed workload by assigning tasks to highly trained cross-skilled back office team who are experienced working in various business processes and tools


  1. Established processes and Velan’s certified ISO9001 quality standard practices helped the client significantly in its day to day operations.
  2. Velan manages 1000+ orders each day and has processed 89+ containers in Pre-receive shipment in the last one year
  3. On request, Velan handled a mass volume of 12k orders over the weekend on short notice.
  4. By raising a dispute on the bunked invoices with the Vendors, Velan helped unsettled payments worth $500,000 to get through in the last two years.
  5. Velan’s intimate understanding of the client’s requirements ensured efficient service which helped the client to uphold their reputation.

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