Velan Provides AWS DevOps Support For A Social Media & E-Commerce Mobile App Development DevOps Services


US-based organization wanted to build a social media platform for Skaters and a marketplace for selling skating products and accessories globally. The client wanted to develop a multi-tier application to handle registrations for camps and an online E-commerce platform. The client also wanted a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms


  • Code and version management was difficult to manage manually as there were multiple developers working on different environment and platform
  • Manual development, build, testing and deployment took a very long time as there were multiple developers working in multiple environments
  • Scalable infrastructure to handle the traffic of the website
  • Security risks during development and releases


  • AWS CodeCommit was used to manage code and version control thereby allowing multiple developers in different environment and platform to work simultaneously
  • AWS CodeDeploy was implemented for the deployment of code. AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild were used for continuous release and integration thereby speeding up the development process with reduced human efforts.
  • AWS RDS for clustering of the database and Load balancers, AWS Auto Scaling was used to manage the website and mobile application traffic.
  • Reduced the risks associated with human intervention during development and releases. Velan practices ISO27001 Information Security procedure to take care of data security and maintain confidentiality.
  • Adoption of agile methodologies further increases the speed of development.

Velan developers worked on multiple environments like Core PHP & Magento for web application development and mobile application in Java for Android platform and Objective-C for iOS platform. The database was in MySQL.


  • Adopting AWS DevOps with Agile methodology ensured the software development was of high quality i.e. requirements -> development – testing ->deployments -> production.
  • The developers were aware of their role in each stage of the development process.
  • End to end automation ensured fewer human errors leading to a better quality of development
  • Increased the number of release by as much as 45%
  • Decreased the number of business impacting incidents by 43%
  • Creation of a single multi-skilled accountable team
  • Faster, smaller and safer releases into production
  • Usage of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies


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