Velan Delivers DevOps Services For A Canadian Management Technology Services Company to Improve Processes & Bottom-line Contributions Throughout The Development Cycle DevOps Services


The client is a Canadian Management Consulting and Technology Services Company focused on serving SMB and large corporations with its consulting services and product development services. The client implements a state of art IT solutions for its customers allowing increased productivity and improved ROI.


The client was in the process of extending their product development with enhanced features.

  • Manual code deployment by the release team was taking a long time to build and deploy
  • The testing process takes a longer time than usual
  • Human errors & human intervention in starting and stopping of scripts


Velan worked with the customer and the following solutions were implemented

  • Installed and configured Jenkins server to handle Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI &CD)
  • Scripts were developed and deployed to reduce the testing time
  • Docker was installed for the containerization
  • Created bash scripts with schedulers for automated scripts execution.

Tools used: Bitbucket repository, Jenkins, Dockers and bash scripting


Velan’s solutions helped the client to improve processes and bottom-line contributions throughout the development cycle.

  • Velan DevOps solution, increased speed of deployments.
  • Reduced human errors and time.
  • The automation process reduced 35% of the project expenditure and time.
  • 24×7 support availability reduced resolution time.


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