Velan Sets Up DevOps Lifecycle To Optimize Development Cycle For A Canadian Company Offering Microsoft Dynamics & Great Plains Based Products. DevOps Services


A Canadian Microsoft Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. The client helps their customers to increase business productivity, reduce IT costs and virtualize infrastructure. The client also provides a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics GP.


The client reached out to Velan as they were having the following challenges –

  • Current outsourced development team was not able to deliver a quality product as they were not well versed with .NET Core, AngularJS, MS SQL, Parallels RAS, WooCommerce, MySQL and Azure environment
  • Improper configuration of the infrastructure that involved DevOps – CI/CD etc.
  • Manual testing process delays the product releases
  • No defined configuration management to manage various version of the products
  • Time-consuming manual product deployment process
  • Shortage of skillset to customize Dynamics 365 CRM, SSO with ADFS and Parallels RAS, developing cloud interface Great Plains.
  • Security gaps in the custom SaaS application
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Processes not in place
  • Short-staffed customer service and support team


Velan DevOps, Infrastructure and Development team worked with the client’s challenges and provided solutions deploying the best practices.

  • The development team at Velan was able to meet the expectations of the customer even though the application consisted of
    • Different technologies like .NET Core, AngularJS, MS SQL. Parallels RAS, WooCommerce, MySQL and Azure
    • Implementation of Agile methodology in the development process
    • Velan ISO 9001 Quality Process ensuring quality delivery
  • Velan DevOps engineers revisited the current infrastructure and provided the client with solutions
    • Version control was enforced using Azure TFS
    • Automation scripts were deployed to reduce the delays in manual testing
    • Automation scripts were developed for the deployment of GP products
  • Velan Development team & Infrastructure team was
    • Able to customize Dynamics 365 CRM based on client requirement
    • Implement SSO with ADFS and Parallels RAS
    • Revisited the existing code and provided code level security based on the best practices.
    • Solution to implement GP application as IaaS
  • Velan Server Support team provided the client with a backup and DR solution using Azure Infrastructure. Velan practices ISO27001 Information Security procedure to take care of data security and maintain confidentiality.
  • 24×7 Server Support team augmented the existing client team to ensure resolution


  • Velan 24×7 DevOps and Infrastructure team was able to provide consistent progress in the entire development cycle
  • Increased the number of deployment frequency by 30% by the implementation of DevOps in the Azure environment
  • Automation scripts implemented in the application to reduce the manual process by 75%
  • Reduced human errors in deployment by 45%
  • Faster, smaller and safer releases into production
  • Creation of a single multi-skilled team accountable for development and infrastructure support.


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