Velan Empowers A Seattle-Based E-Commerce Website To Better Track Their Shipping, Billing, And Reports By Implementing A CRM Solution. Digital Commerce Services


The client is a Seattle-based E-commerce website that specializes in offering traditional eastern clothing and accessories.


The client’s E-commerce website faced fierce competition in the online shopping marketplace and needed an effective way to better deliver products and satisfy customers. The company wanted to boost their sales and retain old customers by accurately tracking their shipping and billing. Hence the company needed a CRM solution to simplify the shopping experience and gain valuable insights into the customer preferences.


Velan decided to implement a customized CRM software tailor-made to the specific needs of the client that actively captures customer data related to their entire shopping journey. We ensured that the customer experience on our client website was as simple as possible, making the website accessible to people from all walks of life. The rigorous collection of data was deeply analyzed to gain valuable insights into the customer psyche, thereby allowing the client to provide unique and relevant customer experience.


The customer retention rate increased by about 50% as the products were delivered rapidly offering the best shopping experience. The client reported an ROI of 550% as a result of enhanced sales conversations and efficient management and tracking of product distribution.


The CRM solution increased the efficiency of the sales process and streamlined the customer experience allowing the client to have better customer retention. Accurate reading of customer preferences allowed us to perform targeted sales pitches with enhanced sales conversions. Also, services were delivered faster to customers leading to better customer satisfaction. Consistent tracking of bills and orders led to efficient product delivery and optimum performance.


  • TECHNOLOGY – Laravel
  • SERVER – Linux


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