Velan Helps A Buffalo-Based Rescue Manufacturer To Build An E-Commerce Platform That Could Support The Company’s Growth. Digital Commerce Services


The client is a Buffalo-based rescue manufacturer who specializes in manufacturing customized rescue vehicles.


The client was in urgent need of an e-commerce platform that could harness the growth potential of the company and boost sales and revenue generation. It had a number of product launches lined up and needed a customer-centric platform that could handle large traffic loads and perform seamlessly. Thus, the company needed an experienced service provider like Velan to handle its e-commerce needs.


Velan decided to implement a flexible and scalable platform as the company was in its growing phase from a start-up to a conglomerate. In order to handle the traffic loads and the accompanying delays in the website during new product launches, Velan developed and tested the e-commerce platform for peak traffic periods. Also, the entire website experience was tailor-made for the convenience of the customers.


The customer acquisition rate increased by 30% as the e-commerce platform was predominantly customer-centric with a flexible interface. The platform was collaborative with minimal disruption to operations. The website loading speed increased by 75% and relevant data was tracked accurately


From the start, the site easily handled thousands of visitors with consistent speed and easily avoided any associated lags and delays. It increased the productivity of the organization as Velan eliminated the need for them to continuously patch up the website and the executive felt comfortable using the website. The customers particularly enjoyed the personalized shopping experience and the percentage of return customers increased significantly as they were engaged with relevant sales pitches.


  • Technology – Laravel
  • Database – MySQL
  • Server – Linux


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