Top UK-based Company selling audio systems around Europe gets its website seamlessly migrated from Magento 1 to Shopify with zero downtime. Digital Commerce Services


The client generates millions of sales every year on e-commerce and their branch outlets across various locations in Europe. Velan had been engaged with the client supporting its e-Commerce portal which was in Magento 1 and has been providing development service offering a continual improvement to the system.

The end of the official support of Magento 1 was nearing and it was high time that the client wanted to have it migrated from Magento 1 to Shopify. There were around 9000 products with a large base of customers and order information that needs to be migrated without impacting the existing site in live.


  • A large number of entities to migrate and verification of the same.
  • Zero downtime of the existing live site.
  • Multiple remigrations to be done because of the frequent orders getting received in the live site.


  • Velan deployed highly skilled and experienced resources who are experts in their domain to get the connectors implemented.
  • Velan implemented test scripts for proper validation and verification of migrated data.
  • Velan used crucial project management strategies for quicker and higher throughputs.
  • Velan’s ISO9001 certified Quality assured Process helped in qualitative monitoring and measuring the deliverables.


Velan’s e-Commerce team ensured that the client’s top priority requirement of zero downtime was met and the data was migrated without any hindrance.

Our connectors implemented made sure all the recent data like orders and customers have been migrated on a constant frequency.

Velan’s wide experience and knowledge in multiple eCommerce platforms have helped the client with an easy transition from one platform to another without any downtime or issues.


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