24 Incredible Benefits of Business Process Automation 8 May 2020

Business Process Automation

What is Business Process Automation?

Every business is unique, and so are its operating methods. However, all the businesses have one thing in common – Need. Better. Productivity. At. Their. Organization.

And here is where the dogma of Business Process Automation (BPA) applies.

Business Process Automation (BPA) is a strategy that enables businesses to leverage technology and orchestrate the systems and workforce in an aligned manner. Ideally, processes maneuver you towards your business goals.

In simple terms, if the business can automate routine processes then the workforce will have lesser tasks to do. It will give them time to focus on quality in lieu of quantity. Hence, BPA leads to delivering a better quality of services, facilitates seamless tasks integration between different departments, mitigates dominance, increases productivity, frees up staff to do higher-level tasks, boosts sales, etc.

Research from Forrester forecasted that 90 percent of operating costs can be reduced if businesses consider automating their processes.

BPA is carried out in four steps:

Analysis >> Implementation >> Integration >> Maintenance and Support

What business processes are automation worthy?

The need for a business process automation is to reduce the manual time for routine tasks. As an organization, if you are considering to automate your business processes, then you must

  • Address strategic needs: this would fetch you more competitive advantages in the global marketplace;
  • Identify processes that can be improved operations-wise: these processes usually consume more time and resources and are overrun by human errors.

Regardless of the different strategic and operational moves in the business, automation could replace:

  • Attending manually to employee leave requests
  • Attendance and time tracking
  • Document management
  • Rote daily HR processes
  • Payroll system
  • Invoicing and Collections
  • Sales order management
  • Business Development
  • Emails and push notifications
  • 1st level Helpdesk support
  • Regular Data Backup and Data Restoration
  • Creating customer case studies
  • Data aggregation and migration
  • Product launches
  • Lead nurturing

What are the best practices to follow to BPA?

Pragmatically approaching your business processes is the primary step to automation. From identifying what processes need to be automated and understanding its strategic reasons to confirming they are completed and performing the way they are expected to, business process automation is indeed a huge leap.

To make automation a victory, make sure you:

Step #1: Begin by understanding the overall process – the tasks involved, task owners, milestones, and the duration for each task to be completed;

Step #2: Make your goal definition clear to everyone who is involved in this process. It will save you time during the transition and reduce human errors;

Step #3: Results must be measured at milestones. You cannot expect the results to show up overnight;

Step #4: Spend time on training your employees on this automation and give them the time to adapt to this new automation culture;

Step #5: Sink in with reality by accepting a long-term outlook to see results and increase in ROI;

Step #6: Employ off the rack solutions wherever applicable;

Benefits that you can enjoy if you automate your business processes

The primary aspect that you would own if you automate your business is it will make your organization more efficient. Besides, technology and software are ubiquitous and have become the deciding factor for a company’s reputation. If your business needs to be termed competitive, you must have automated your regular tasks so you can get your employees off from mundane activities and challenge them with time-worthy tasks.

For example, every day, your team schedules business appointments with vendors, salespeople, solicit approvals, revise workflows and documents, track information, and keep looking for status updates. In many businesses, employees still perform these routine tasks manually. It can become an apparent challenge when they have to read through every email, replies, forwards, etc. to understand the current status. And missing a single important email that holds approvals or changed decisions will cost a huge dime.

Besides, when the higher officials need an update, your employees couldn’t be certain about it considering the ‘n’ number of emails that they would have read through. This uncertainty will question your decision making and decrease your accountability towards your job, not to forget the havoc it will create on compliance, policies, and customer satisfaction.

Automating these time-consuming processes can help lessen stress and increase your sense of commitment and ownership towards your job. Automating such activities will annihilate uncertainties about missed emails, approvals, or employees taking a day off.

With automating your business processes, you will

  1. Adopt the latest digital transformation
  2. Embrace agile methodology
  3. Streamline communication in your organization between any number of departments
  4. Compartmentalize work and be ready with definite answers every time
  5. Enforce accountability and ownership
  6. Reduce costs across the organization as automation involves a one-time setup
  7. Minimize paperwork
  8. Mitigate human errors and conflicts
  9. Stay updated about your business processes
  10. Lay the foundations for a comprehensible approval hierarchy
  11. Leave zero room for missed meeting updates
  12. Create intelligent workflows and strengthen your processes religiously
  13. Completely cut back the time required to perform repetitive tasks
  14. Retain a constant process speed
  15. Speed up the auditing and analysis processes
  16. Establish more flexibility and make room for easy changes
  17. Create a peaceful and stable workplace
  18. Be top on customer satisfaction
  19. Strengthen your organization’s and business’s competitiveness
  20. Stage faster responses to crucial tasks and solve problems with ease
  21. Make room for efficient resource allocation
  22. Maintain stable work ethics and standards throughout the organization
  23. Give your customers a room for flexible decision-making
  24. Become more clear about the work – task allocation, completion, results, etc.

Have you tried Velan Info for Business Process Automation yet?

There is nothing more powerful than tapping into a business sector that you thought you couldn’t automate, routine business processes are one such that.

From an organization’s point of view, productivity, reliability, availability, quality, reduced costs, and effective performance are unshakable sectors. And automating these without interrupting the workflow is an unprecedented move that requires discipline, knowledge, ownership, and skills. It is a major function as many business IT platforms, today, are either cloud-based or virtual, and their complexity is demanding.

And that’s where Velan Info takes the lead.

Summing up, if you are ready to streamline your business – that can help you achieve efficiency, precision in your business processes, and unload the time-consuming tasks off your employees’ shoulders to improve their productivity – contact Velan Info. We believe in a collaborative model and create bespoke solutions. We make headway with your business’s changing needs to help you sustain the forefront in the market.

Peter Paul

Technology Consultant

About the Author:

Peter has over 20+ years of experience in managing and delivering enterprise applications and IT infrastructure. He served several IT companies in the US and Canada before joining Velan. He is instrumental in deploying, managing and delivering latest technologies at Velan. He can be reached at peter.paul@velaninfo.com


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