Velan IT Support Team Brings A Pennsylvania Healthcare Service Provider Back In Business Within A Few Hours Of A Ransomware Attack Remote IT Infrastructure


  • Client reached out to Velan as their network has been attacked with Ransomware.
  • All data in the desktops, servers and backups were lost due to the encryption by Ransomware
  • The SonicWall firewall was running outdated and vulnerable firmware
  • The desktops and servers were running vulnerable and outdated patches
  • The server was running an old outdated customized application.
  • Microsoft Exchange mail server database was encrypted beyond recovery by the Ransomware
  • Web and FTP servers were also affected by the ransomware
  • No proper antivirus and backups were available


  • Velan assessed the client’s infrastructure and the extent of damage and immediately set up the Office365 account with the email addresses of the employees within one hour of the contact. This helped the customer to communicate with their customers while their in-house Exchange server was on recovery mode.
  • Velan team created a temporary FTP server on Azure to run the critical operations while the office network was being isolated and cleaned from infections.
  • The team designed a customized solution to recover the current office environment and a support plan that includes
    • Setup and Maintenance of Domain Controllers, Users, Group Policy and Network Shares
    • Setup and Maintenance of Exchange Server and subsequently the creation of users with gateway level antivirus, antimalware and anti-ransomware tools
    • Setup and Maintenance of Centralized Antivirus solution using Trend Micro
    • Setup of the websites and internal FTP servers
    • Setup and maintenance of backups with DR plans using Acronis and Veem with AWS Cloud Storage
    • Enforced strong password policies and hardened all the servers
    • Revisited the rules and policies on the Sonicwall firewall by creating restricted zone access and limiting the ports that can be accessed from the office network
    • Updated the licenses and firmware of the Sonicwall firewall
    • Enabled Secure VPN service for users to access the office network from the external network.
    • Upgraded the application server with the latest Windows OS and patches
    • Cleaned and updated patches on all the desktops, laptops in the office network.
    • Subsequently migrated the Office365 back to their in-house Exchange server as the customer wanted to host the mail server in-house
  • Dedicated Support engineers provide 24/7 IT Support for ongoing periodic maintenance and patch updates to ensure the security of the client data. Velan is a process-driven company to ensure the security of client data. Velan is certified for Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015 & Information Security Management System ISO 27001-2013.
  • Additionally, Velan provides 24/7 proactive monitoring, IT Infrastructure management for servers, desktops and firewall, break-fix services (remotely), Strategic IT Planning.


  • Velan Remote Managed Service Solutions benefited the client by –
    • High-level security and compliance
    • Lower data breach risk level with better security
    • Reduced the work for the internal staff member who used to handle all IT support tasks. The internal team can focus on their core responsibilities in the business instead of managing the IT Infrastructure.
  • The client realized it was easier and profitable to outsource IT support instead of trying to take care of those tasks internally without a dedicated tech support staff.
  • 100% resource availability with no unscheduled downtime. Not even a single day of the unscheduled interruption of service.
  • Maintenance & Patches, scheduled backups are verified applied to the system 100% of the time within acceptable timeframes.
  • Our Remote managed services team offered 24×7 remote monitoring managed their servers and provided support through the help desk, chat and email.


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