Velan Sorted Out the Critical Sync Error/Issue In Bill.Com Faced By The Client Which Will Impact Paying Their Vendors On Time. Accounting Services


Velan accountant team with their experience in resolving critical issues analyzed the sync error and identified the root cause of the issue and got it resolved.

Certified ISO9001 standard practices and established processes helped Velan accountant team not only to get the issue resolved but also took one step further and recorded a video on how to solve the sync error/issue for future reference.

Client appreciated Velan team for their initiative and commitment towards handling critical issues and the practice of documenting them.

Client Speak:

“We have a sync error/issue in for one of the clients Sam is working on.  I was unable to assist him so he took the task upon himself and got it resolved with the help of support.  On an average day, that would suffice for the average worker.  Sam took it upon himself to take it one step further and recorded a video on how to solve the sync error/problem for future use by other team members. His initiative and commitment to our team is to be commended, he truly is a team player.  Nice job Sam!”


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