10 Key Reasons to Outsource Web Development in 2024 19 Mar 2024

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More often than not, the development of a website and the necessity to contour a digital presence is closely akin to starting a new business or taking an existing business to a whole new level. A decade ago, an email address and a website ensured a premium touch to a business card. Now, a business card without a website raises a question over capability and credibility. Websites have become the resume’ of businesses today. Circumventing the need to visit the brick-and-mortar establishment of a business, websites offer the opportunity for a quick first opinion at the click of a button.

What a potential client makes of your website at his first visit could either clear his cynicism and empower his first few steps towards an agreement or could also be the final nail in the coffin. Basically, your website is the digital showroom of your business. And as a likely first point of contact, it needs to have all the basic essential elements that would ensure engagement and promise.

Now, to address the bigger question. Would you leave the task of architecting the foundation of your business to amateurs just to save a few nickels? Or would you go overboard and splurge on full-time in-house developers at a time when your business is still in its primordial stage? Neither of it sounds like a good idea now, does it?

There has always got be a middle-ground, right? Well, there is – Outsourcing! We’ve put together 10 reasons as to why we think you should outsource your web development.


One of the significant reasons for companies to opt for outsourcing is to leverage the cost efficiency that arises out of the difference in economies. Economies and the cost of living of a country does not necessarily reflect the levels of proficiency in high-tech industries like software. For example, India is one of the most favored IT destinations across the globe. The whole arrangement of outsourcing web development offers dual benefits – a reasonable price tag without a compromise in quality.

Compatible anywhere in the business spectrum:

The best part of outsourcing web development is that it would easily fit anywhere into the business spectrum. If yours is a startup where you’re looking to build a Minimum Viable Product, you can pick an appropriate workforce that would just meet your needs. You neither need an in-house developer nor may have the budget for one.

Similarly, if you’re somewhere in the middle and are looking to upscale, you can always pick a package that best suits you.

And then finally there’s always the dedicated seat model where you can have a full-time developer at your disposal around the clock.

Unlimited access to skill and talent pool:

Outsourcing eliminates the intricate issues involved in recruitment. By recruiting an in-house web developer, you are constrained by the scope of the developer’s capabilities. But while outsourcing, its generally the cumulative experience of the company or team that is at your disposal. And this comes with a talent pool of different specializations. This way, you can access a vast talent pool that is also organically evolving with time and technology.

Continuous Technology Upscaling:

Having an in-house team in place will not always warrant a universal up-to-date technology status quo. Keeping the in-house team abreast with the latest technology may further incur training costs. Staying updated with the latest trends is highly critical for web-based projects.

You can easily bypass this predicament when by outsourcing. Outsourcing companies make it a point to stay on top of the technology food chain. That’s what drives business for them and is expected of them. They always stay at the edge of modern technologies. So higher the skill set of the developer, the better the quality of the deliverable.

“Merry Christmas! Here’s the latest!”:

Another advantage of outsourcing and working with companies in a different time-zone is that they have a different holiday calendar altogether. You can have them run the Christmas updates even without you having to open the office. While your in-house team may need a paid vacation, the outsourced team would be working round the clock. This will also immensely boost the speed of your product development.

Besides the time difference, they are likely to deploy seats that work in shifts. This would mean you would always have someone at your disposal at any time throughout the day or night. Something you couldn’t ask from the in-house team.

A Bounty of Development Resources:

There are barely any limits to the availability of resources and technology used when it comes to an outsourced team. For instance, let’s consider a community like Ruby on Rails. Here, gems are distributed by open-source communities throughout the world. This exponentially multiplies the libraries and solutions available. So, wider the network of the outsourced web team the more ground of accessible technology you will cover.

Hassle-free paperwork:

Both parties involved in the business agreement will be legally bound and protected. The agreements signed will be contractually safe and optimal. There will exist no loophole for any hassle in case of unlikely disagreements and cancellations. This will also cut down a great deal of paperwork as everything will be done over the digital medium.

The complete package:

There are certain things beyond coding itself and make up the digital product.  Elements like testing, UI, UX and others will certainly need a third pair of eyes for validation. For example, a person responsible for content can only make changes to the content and will not be able to suggest and design changes. Similarly, an in-house web developer may not have all the required vantages to critique the entire product.

Outsourced teams generally come with a packed pool of different specialists catering to different parts of the trade. This will help provide complete insight from varying perspectives 

Plug and Play Flexibility:

By having an in-house web development team, you are contractually agreeing to not only build the product but also maintain and support it with subsequent remunerations. Now there’s a world of difference between the cost involved in building a product and the cost is involved in maintaining it.

What do you do when you realize that you don’t need support all the time? Would you dismiss the team? And later if you’re planning to upscale, what then? Would you hire freelancers?

Outsourcing web development is the simplest answer to all these questions. It’s so much easier to depute them when necessary. Besides saving you time and revenue, it will also avoid the problem of new developers opening up and upscaling an existing project developed by a different developer.

Scope for Improvement along the way:

Now for the most awaited question. If there are so many advantages to outsourcing, why is there always a degree of reluctance to outsource? Are there any real risks that validate this scepticism?

Generally, elements like communication and cultural differences tend to push outsourcing to the back seat. But in reality, with the ow technology has grown in the past decades. Tools like communicators and translators have come a long way. And English is being increasingly being accepted and spoken as a business all across the globe.

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