How Mid-Size Enterprises Can Protect Financial Health With Intelligent Procurement 20 Feb 2024


Mid-sized businesses are extremely sensitive to economic downturns such as a recession or financial crisis.
Intelligent procurement solutions help them to better control expenditures and risks, boost supplier cooperation, and prevent supply chain interruptions.
It is critical to seek out comprehensive solutions that allow mid-sized businesses to save costs and manage risk across both procurement and supply chain operations.

During a public health crisis, individuals take precautions to protect their health, as the globe saw during the COVID-19 epidemic. They implemented new best practices, innovations, and collaboration methods. Businesses must use a similar strategy during an economic downturn to protect their financial health.

A faltering economy may be especially damaging to mid-size businesses (MSEs), and they may have a more difficult time surviving the storm than a huge organization. However, using intelligent procurement techniques and procedures might assist companies in increasing resilience and maintaining financial health during difficult times.

Here are five areas that demonstrate how:

Monitoring and Management of Expenses

AI-powered intelligent procurement software operates as a watchful guardian, allowing procurement teams to monitor and control spending in real-time.

It exposes expenditure trends, highlighting areas where cost reductions might be made without sacrificing quality or efficiency. This proactive strategy conserves financial resources and allows procurement to act more intelligently than just making broad cutbacks.

Budget Allocation and Tracking

Budget allocation to protect working capital becomes critical during a financial crisis. Intelligent procurement solutions enable mid-sized businesses to properly manage money, concentrating on key areas while avoiding wasteful expenses.

Additionally, these technologies enable procurement teams to achieve financial objectives, decrease ad hoc spending, and increase the effectiveness of every dollar the organization spends.

Collaboration with Suppliers and Risk Management

Intelligent procurement software has the potential to significantly increase risk management skills. Artificial intelligence-powered risk assessment systems collect and analyze data to detect possible disruptions and vulnerabilities.

Mid-sized businesses may then devise mitigation plans to mitigate the effect and protect their financial stability. They may use collaborative technologies to manage supplier relationships and monitor performance, resulting in cost savings and greater resilience.

Agile Procurement

Agility can be vital during a financial crisis.

Intelligent procurement solutions help mid-sized businesses respond quickly to dynamically changing financial situations. They may modify their procurement strategy, renegotiate contracts, and investigate alternate sourcing sources to adapt to the changing market while preserving financial health.

Holistic Solutions

Intelligent procurement provides a comprehensive approach to cost reduction and risk mitigation across the procurement and supply chain. Mid-sized businesses may uncover additional potential for cost reductions by addressing both direct and indirect expenditures, which may not be visible when looking at data in silos. This comprehensive technique improves financial resilience while reducing susceptibility.

During a downturn, intelligent procurement is a strategic asset.

Having the proper procurement technology in place gives a big competitive edge to mid-size firms trying to maintain their financial health through financial crises and recessions.

Intelligent procurement skills accelerate procedures and give direction for more agile supplier network management.

Companies can proactively manage spending, intelligently allocate budgets, and efficiently lower risks with procurement software that can provide AI-powered insights to control risk, monitor expenditure, and allow quick responses to disruptions, as well as a full picture of source-to-pay operations.

By implementing intelligent procurement, mid-sized businesses may more confidently manage the next recession, whenever it occurs, and position themselves to develop resilience and drive growth.

To find out more about effective cost-cutting strategies for your mid-sized business, get in touch with our team of experts right away. Allow us to assist you in navigating economic downturns and ensuring the long-term prosperity of your organization.

Jack Manu

Outsourcing Consultant

About the Author:

Jack Manu, an outsourcing consultant at Velan, has more than a decade of experience in assisting real estate companies and real estate agents to improve the operational efficiency. He has been helping real estate agents including many REMAX agents to focus on their core business by offering transaction & listing coordinator services, accounting service and social media marketing assistance.Jack can be reached at [email protected]


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