7 Ways Data Entry Outsourcing Benefits Your Business Beyond Cost 21 Jan 2021

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What is Data Entry Outsourcing?

Data entry is kind of a clerical work that entails typing majorly and voice recording for keying in data into digital format. Simply put, data entry staff add, modify, and validate electronic data. It could be transcribing notes from the meetings, adding data into databases, numbers into electronic formats, filling in names and addresses from forms, medical and legal records, etc. It is common in finance, healthcare, retail, transportation, and education sectors.

In a growing organization that demands more than data entry accelerates your business, it may get cumbersome to monitor and record your data on a daily basis. It is time-consuming, repetitive, and a monotonous task except for the new records. Leveraging your resources, who are otherwise capable of doing much more than just data entry will become stressful, leaving you no time to concentrate on the core activities.

Organized and error-free data is the driving factor for accelerating your business growth.

So, in order to experience the real upshots of data entry, you must consider outsourcing your data entry tasks.

Outsourcing data entry is more than cost-effectiveness, it helps to streamline your business operations. It helps to maximize an organization’s productivity and improve business efficiency by delivering streamlined core competency focus.

When you outsource your data entry jobs, you can rely on the data entry specialists for accurate information. After all, they are masters in it. You can use the accurate information obtained from the expert to

  • make informed business decisions,
  • improve the team’s performance,
  • optimize the entire business,
  • land on new customers,
  • retain existing customers,

save resources, time, efforts, and most importantly money.

You can get your business needs to be accomplished exactly to the specifications in the quickest turnaround times.

Business houses of almost all the industrial verticals largely count on third-party date entry service providers for their technologically advanced and skilled knowledge.

So, how does data entry outsourcing services rationalize businesses beyond cost-effectiveness?

● Accelerates business

When you outsource your data entry processes to a third-party BPO service provider, you can be assured to get well-organized, error-free data in the quickest turnaround time. It will give you the space to accelerate your business in other means. Besides, you get to avoid doing the repetitive and mundane tasks and leverage your resources for their actual talent. You get the time to invest in more meaningful tasks that will help with expanding your business.

● Cuts down overhead costs

By outsourcing your data entry processes, you will directly eliminate the costs associated with hiring in-house proficient employees, in-house business operational expenses, and technology and infrastructure investments. And when the outsourcing is done to offshore service providers, your savings can go up a notch. And you can use those saved up money into higher business development to accomplish improved growth on a global level.

● Outstanding proficiency

For the outsourcing firms, they hire proficient data entry industry experts with paramount skillsets, unlike you. The in-depth knowledge, intense domain experience, efficiency displayed by the outsourcing leaders will help you improve the quality of your business operations and data management. And you get outstanding proficiency because your outsourcing partners will have implemented well-organized workflows in their business operations to support you with excellent solutions.

● End-to-end data security and confidentiality

BPO services providers offer outstanding data security and confidentiality measures to protect their client’s data assets. They make sure of end-to-end protection and safeguard your data from cyber threats, breaches, and data loss. They also have great backup mechanisms and will surely be equipped with disaster recovery measures. They also fall back on powerful technologies to ensure stringent monitoring to prevents malicious attacks even before they materialize.

● Quick turnaround times

As data entry is a crucial part of the business for outsourcing companies, they will certainly count on the most advanced and latest technological assets. The investment will help them to deliver to work in quicker turnaround times. Regardless of the project volume, you can rely on your outsourcing partners to get your work completed in the said timeframes.

● Improves central business

With the quality deliverables that you get from the data entry outsourcing partners, you can be sure of your organization’s spike in productivity levels. With the hassles handled by your outsourcing partner, you can focus on improving your core business and work for better results

● Makes sure of continual business success

As a business, when you get so much of the above for outsourcing your data entry services, any organization will able to gain concrete profits, generate more revenue, expand the business, and stay ahead of the competitors. Business development and growth will be steady and a stable factor in addition to revenue generation and employee satisfaction in the long-run.

Partner with Velan for organized data entry services

Velan is a global outsourcing firm providing reliable and trustworthy data entry services for more than a decade. We are associated with clients worldwide to provide quick, efficient, and cost-effective data entry outsourcing services. We house proficient experts, infrastructure, and technology that will help you streamline your business in addition to being cost-effective. We ensure high-quality, error-free, and most accurate output in every project that we undertake, not forgetting the global regulatory compliance.


Jack Manu

Outsourcing Consultant

About the Author:

Jack Manu, an outsourcing consultant at Velan, has more than a decade of experience in assisting real estate companies and real estate agents to improve the operational efficiency. He has been helping real estate agents including many REMAX agents to focus on their core business by offering transaction & listing coordinator services, accounting service and social media marketing assistance.Jack can be reached at jack.manu@velaninfo.com


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