8 Key Healthcare Automation Benefits 4 Mar 2024

Healthcare Automation

Automation is transforming healthcare by enabling productivity not attainable with manual methods. Freeing workers from less human-facing duties improves patient care. The following list details healthcare automation benefits.

Simpler Scheduling:

Manual appointment scheduling is tough owing to scheduling conflicts and the regulations needed to connect patients with providers and locations. This work is automated by appointment scheduling software, making booking and cancelling appointments easier for healthcare organisations.

However, there are key considerations to guarantee the software manages your clinic and patients’ demands efficiently. Integrate with your EHR/PM software to establish scheduling rules so schedulers and patients may quickly make appointments.

Similar appointment reminder software can improve patient satisfaction by sending timely reminders to reduce no-shows. This programme can send as many reminders as a practice needs to ensure patients arrive on time or early to complete their paperwork.

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Cutting Costs:

Automation solutions are typically used by healthcare executives to minimise costs. This is achieved through decreased overtime, increased efficiency, and fewer errors. Automation helps practitioners work more during their shifts, lowering stress. Hospitals need less overtime due to this efficiency gain. It also lets staff focus on patient care, reducing medical error payouts.

Best-in-class scheduling software automates rules that were previously managed with binders, sticky notes, and Excel spreadsheets, reducing training and onboarding costs, especially in speciality groups. A simple online scheduling option on your website can also lower patient acquisition costs.

Easy Data Transfer and Access:

Many hospitals automate patient data transfer and access. After collecting patient data, these automated solutions automatically add it to a database, making it easy to distribute between departments and facilities. Automation helps with data exchange, a big issue in healthcare.

When various departments diagnose or treat a patient, data transfers can slow the treatment workflow. Automation connects all facility devices to the same network, making information available. Administrative overhead is reduced, saving time.

Cybersecurity is essential for all data, especially PII and patient data. To comply with HIPAA and TCPA security regulations, your technology partners and solutions must be certified.

Fewer Errors:

Automation reduces human error and improves treatment. Automation can improve administrative operations and provide tools for diagnosing and treating patients.

Multiple systems sharing data enhance this possibility by providing more insight into these processes. Administrators can cut surgery and other appointment wait times using data from multiple sources. Automation’s reliability allows healthcare facilities to serve more patients or help them find a new provider faster.

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Emergency Management and Change:

Machine learning (ML) is being used to alter emergency room staffing levels in response to rapid patient load changes. Automation can also cut ambulatory service wait times. Analysing historical data from numerous sources can help organisations estimate when to hire more workers during flu season.

Most recently, practices have used automation to respond faster to COVID-19 pandemic changes, such as social distancing and building occupancy capacities. Patient-staff messaging tools are another way automation can assist healthcare institutions in adapting to local norms and handling crises and office closures.

Happier Patients:

Patient satisfaction in the healthcare system depends on many aspects, including facility care. Making scheduling, checking in, and finishing appointments easy is also important for patient satisfaction. Timing, including appointment scheduling and wait time, is another key component of patient satisfaction.

Healthcare process automation improves patient satisfaction and experience in many ways. They can use software to text patients to reschedule missed appointments.

Advance scheduling software lets patients arrange appointments on their phones or computers anytime, even after office hours. This self-scheduling software gives patients all available appointment times and lets them choose the one that works best for them based on the provider and type of appointment.

Privacy Improvement:

Healthcare organisations must follow HIPAA standards to protect patients’ PHI and PII. Automation of case management data helps HIPAA compliance by configuring usage permissions. This function restricts PHI access to authorised users.

HIPAA-compliant chat messaging from Relatient uses a patient-specific link and authorization to protect PHI.

Faster Patient Scheduling:

Online scheduling systems like Relatient make it easier and faster for patients to arrange appointments than by calling the clinic. These technologies allow patients to rapidly schedule appointments 24/7 from any device with internet access and a web browser.

Patients can also choose the appointment’s purpose, kind, and duration with these automatic online scheduling options. Patients can also use customisable filters to find providers. When patients schedule themselves, practices can utilise the same rules and automated workflows as when a scheduler books an appointment on the phone to maintain controls and book the proper provider and appointment type.

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Victor has over a decade of experience in delivering revenue cycle management services to the US healthcare providers. He has a proven track record of accelerating revenue collection by streamlining the billing, coding and AR processes. His team at Velan has been delivering revenue cycle management cycle, appointment scheduling, pre-authorization and credentialing services to physicians, group practices, and hospitals. He can be reached at victor.bala@velaninfo.com


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