Happy New Year 2021! Message From CEO 21 Dec 2020

Happy New Year 2021!

Let us welcome 2021 in good spirits leaping over 2020, the year that has made us more resilient.

While we are inundated with a lot of negative energy about 2020, I wanted to look at the bright side and join hands with you in thanking for those special moments.

Reflecting on 2020!

Although 2020 is remembered for countless regretful occurrences and unprecedented times, we should not forget what it taught us – Being Grateful and Happy for everything we have!

It unveiled our busy lives to a lot of new possibilities and silver linings that we didn’t know existed. With the virus, creativity and new hobbies sprung. With quarantine, we got a bonus time with family. With group activism, we made better changes. We rose to every occasion.

I would like to take a moment to highlight the bright side of 2020. It was not completely bad, after all.

  • COVID 19 triggered every human to fight for their survival.
  • Doctors and nurses and everyone around proved humanity are still present in abundance.
  • Long forgotten self-care, both psychologically and physically, got into the limelight.
  • Our bodies appreciated us for giving them good workouts and adequate sleep, not to forget the healthy home food diet.
  • We rediscovered our interest in old forgotten hobbies like cooking, writing, baking, gardening, sewing, dancing, singing, cleaning, etc.
  • We found time for our favorite books and shows on the television.
  • Online channels helped us learn more.
  • DIYs with family got a lot more interesting.
  • Children listened to more stories from their grandparents.
  • We discovered that the teachers are the real heroes in teaching our children.
  • Appreciating nature, enjoying rains, watching birds fly got all interesting.
  • We became less wasteful and discovered new ways to reuse and recycle waste.
  • Restaurants and online cooking channels divulged their secret recipes.
  • We fostered stray animals, an act of kindness that we resurrected.
  • The term ‘work-life balance’ started making sense.
  • The bank balance and pockets never felt heavier.
  • Employees started appreciating their work.
  • Teams showed great leadership skills and dedication.
  • We got more thankful to our clients than before for believing in us.

And the list goes on… I’m nothing but grateful and happy to cherish and relive all these beautiful moments. These are the moments we should consider making lemonade out of lemons or see the glass half full.

While the global outburst is certainly distressing, it has also been a “blessing” for all those who have been deferring on personal goals and resolutions. We were bestowed with a lot of time to make that dream a reality.

Above and Beyond!

As a CEO, I could not be much prouder and confident about my team, who adapted and evolved during the unprecedented times. Moving in the right direction is essential and with a team like ours at Velan, I’m indeed certain that we are on the right track to supercharge our business’s future.

I would like to personally thank you for continually supporting Velan during the most difficult times.

The year ahead will come with its surprises and challenges, however, I’m certain by continuing to deliver our best and keeping focused on the company’s vision, we can achieve what we aspired to. I am undoubtedly confident I can count on you to embark on the 2021 journey.

Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!

Ravi Ponnusamy

Dr. Ravi Ponnusamy


About the Author:

Ravi Ponnusamy has been a key force in driving the growth of Velan with his vision and goals. He has 20+ years of experience in managing large teams and delivering IT services to international clients. He is instrumental in establishing processes and successful business models. He has received his doctoral degree in Computer science from Syracuse University. Ravi can be reached at LinkedIn


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